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  1. How Do You Blog?

    By this point I’m sure you’ve noticed all the changes that the DEN has made to their online community.  One of those changes is DEN’s new blog engine.  Now the state blogs and your personal DEN blogs have the power of WordPress behind them. Please keep your eye open for webinars provided by our resident […]

  2. Freedom Walk 2007

    On Sept. 11, please join the DEN team and the Military Channel as we partner with America Supports You, a Department of Defense program recognizing citizens’ support for our military and communicating that support to members of our Armed Forces and their families. America Supports You connects citizens and corporations who are looking for ways […]

  3. What time is it?….SOL Time!

    Not only has the warm weather arrived, but so has SOL time. I’ve received emails from teachers who are looking for fun innovative ways to review for SOL’s. Luckily this was a topic on the ITRT (Instructional Technology Resource Teacher) message board. Chris Wyatt, ITRT for Hampton City Schools in Hampton,VA has created a wiki […]

  4. Anyone Going to NECC?

    The 28th annual National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) will be held in Atlanta, GA from June 24th through June 27th. What is the purpose of NECC? Our purpose? To help shape the future of education. How? By bringing together the best Ed Tech has to offer. NECC 2007 boasts more than 700 presentations in a […]

  5. Virginia Tech Tragedy

    The VA Leadership Council extends their sympathy to any DEN members who were effected by yesterday’s tragic event. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts. If anyone would like to show their support please click here.  Joe Showker an ITRT from Rockingham County Schools has created a ribbon of support that […]