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  1. Tired of Begging!

    I am so sick and tired of having to beg for every little thing I need for my schools. I have to go incognito to Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement stores and get paint chips for vocabulary and math games. There are just so many excuses that you can come up with for that. […]

  2. Another Point of View

    I had the privilege of escorting 111 fourth graders, staff, and parents to Raleigh, NC via the Amtrak on Monday. Our plans were to visit the Legislative Building, NC Science Museum, and Museum of History. Well- those were the plans! We arrived at school at 4:45 am and began our journey. The Amtrak was delayed […]

  3. Tech or Treat with the DEN in New Berlin

        Join us for the Discovery Educator Network Virtual Conference! Tech or Treat!   Saturday, October 23, 2010 New Berlin West Middle and High School New Berlin, WI 8:30 AM to 2 PM   Connect with educators from all over the country during this unique professional development experience where you can attend in-person, online […]

  4. Looking Back and Connecting

    Image by rmom352 via Flickr Even though most of us were not there at the DEN LC Symposium or the DEN Summer Institute, in Bentley University, we followed the discussions on various ways; Twitter, Edomodo, CoverItLive, Plurk and of course reading the blogs that were posted with tips, websites, videos and photos of the action. […]

  5. From the LC Symposium to the STAR National Institute

      Last week, Rachel Yurk and I represented Wisconsin at the DEN LC Symposium.  Hopefully you’ve read a little about my adventures in previous posts.  If you haven’t scroll down. In the next several days, you’ll be reading about the goings on at the National Institute from our Wisconsin representatives, Rita Mortenson and Cathy Houchin.  […]

  6. Thursday – DEN LC invades BLC 10

    Cross posted at chadlehman.com (Shameless plug!)  On Thursday of the DEN LC Symposium, we took a break from Bentley University and took a field trip via trolley to downtown Boston. There, we attended the Building Learning Communities conference, put on by November Learning. A couple of DEN STARS, Lee Kolbert and Teryl Magee were presenting at the […]

  7. Transforming Education with Chris Dede

    Day two in Waltham began with an air of anticipation for Christopher Dede, Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. Today, there has been a shift in the knowledge and skills society values. As we all know, the traditional industrial model no longer serves the majority of the students. […]

  8. Tuesday at the LC Symposium!

    Tuesday at the DEN Leadership Council Symposium was a busy day, a long day, and a good day.  At times, it seemed as though the clock was moving quite a bit faster than normal while at other times, it seemed like it was broken.  Perhaps that’s what happens when you start the day at 9:00 […]

  9. Why Reinvent the Wheel

    Last night, as part of the DEN LC 2010, we spent the night at FableVision with Peter Reynolds.  Rather than here about the night in my words, I’m going to point you to the Pennsylvania DEN Blog for a nice recap and the Tennessee DEN Blog for another.

  10. LC Symposium Day 1

    The DEN Leadership Council Symposium is underway.  We started the morning today with a cafeteria style breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes, etc.) outside under a big tent due to water issues in the university cafeteria.  We shared the tent with a ton of kids – all attending Bentley for various camps.  There were girls attending […]

  11. A Legend Among Us!

    Who knew it? We have a legend in our midst. At last week’s DENny Awards our one and only RJ Stangherlin was awarded one of two DENny Legend Awards. Steve Dembo introduced the new awards by explaining that a legend is someone who is retiring or has made a significant contribution to the DEN. He […]

  12. Let's Grow the WI DEN LC

    As we approach the DEN’s fifth birthday it is very easy to see that the community is stronger than ever.  And it’s not because of us.  It’s because of you.  There are many ways to participate in the community from being a DEN member online to an active STAR to our latest level, DEN Guru.  […]

  13. OMG! My wife shaved her hair off!

    How is that title for an attention getter?  Well, it is absolutely true.  My wife of 7 years shaved her beautiful brown hair off.  What was she thinking?  Mid-life crisis? A new look? Getting a motorcycle?( I wish!) Over the past 2 weeks I have been asked all of the questions I just posed to […]

  14. Growing the DEN PA Leadership Council

    In an email from Lance Rougeux, Director, Discovery Educator Network, came the annual invitation to continue your membership in DEN Leadership Councils, begin your participation, and select the role you would like to take in directing your state’s LC. From years of being a part of the Discovery Education community, which actually feels more like […]

  15. Meet Joe Oliphant: PAECT Leader of the Year 2010

    Ever judge a book by its cover, virtual or real? How about a blogger by his voice? Imagine my surprise when I met Joe Oliphant at the DEN PreCon on Saturday, February 19 at a dinner in the Hershey Lodge hosted by Discovery. I had read Joe’s posts on our PA DEN blog, and the […]

  16. Blog Trolling + Connecticut DEN = Brizzly+

    Trolling the DEN blogs is something I simply do not do enough; on this one I would fall into the who has time essential life question. But at 5 AM, I just could not bring myself to grade a set of essays, so I blog trolled and got as far as Connecticut. They stopped me […]

  17. DEN STAR Bridget Belardi Named PAECT Teacher of the Year

    Our very own DEN STAR and geocaching queen, Bridget Belardi was named PAECT Teacher of the Year 2010. She follows in the footsteps of DEN STAR and Glogster queen Traci Blazoski, and DEN STAR Michelle Krill who was 2009 Leader of the Year. Am I surprised that DEN STARS are outstanding teachers–absolutely not. Let’s keep […]

  18. Nancy Sharoff ~ Definitely DEN GURU

    When it comes to leading many lives, Nancy Sharoff has most of us beaten. A multitasker and multitalented STAR turned GURU in real life, Nancy has another persona in Second Life. She is an active member of the Leadership Council. It is not difficult to see why Discovery awarded Guru status to Nancy (one of […]

  19. Meg Griffin ~ Leading by Doing

    Catching up with Meg Griffin is always a challenge. As our PA DEN Leadership Council President, she is one busy lady, yet she always finds time for the many things in her life that matter. That means I am catching up with blogging our DEN STARS who shined so brightly at our DEN PreCon and […]