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  1. DEN Southern Regional Conference Update Part Deux

    This afternoon we took time to look at things other than DE Streaming.  Brad took us through some nifty tricks in PowerPoint.  My favorite was creating a scrolling bar across the bottom of a slide much like the news feeds you see on the cable news shows.  Very simple trick, but it will have your […]

  2. DEN Southern Regional Conference Begins Today!

    The long-awaited DEN Southern Regional Conference begins this morning.  Brad Fountain, Teryl Magee and I are working feverishly to get the room ready.  Well, OK, Teryl and I are surfing the net to make sure DE Streaming is working, and Brad is working feverishly to get the Internet connection and projector working.  The first participants […]

  3. The New Stream-A-Thon is Here!

    Get your Skype account up to date. Make sure the projector bulb is working properly. Plug in your speakers.  And then tune in here to register for the Discovery Stream-A-Thon!  That’s right, 12 hours of back-to-back professional development from some of your favorite Discovery Gang.Want to know who’s presenting (and when and about what)?  Check out the National […]

  4. Catching Up in Tennessee!

    Wow! School has started.  No wait, the end of the first grading period is only one week away, and this is my first blog post of the school year! Yikes!  My most humble apologies.Here are a few things you need to put on your calendars for the upcoming weeks:EdTechConnect Webinar with Tim Magner from the Office […]

  5. Back to Back Workshops Completed

    This weekend the TN DEN LC, along with our Discovery Rep Brad Fountain, presented a Day of Discovery at Woodland Middle School in Brentwood, TN.  Despite our late efforts at getting the word out about this series of workshops, we had nearly 70 in attendance on a beautiful summer’s day!  Many thanks to Mrs. Fizer […]

  6. Day of Discovery in Brentwood, TN

    We have finalized the plans for a June “Day of Discovery” at Woodland Middle School (thanks to Principal Fizer and her staff) in Brentwood, TN on Friday, June 20th. Our Day of Discovery is being held in conjunction with the Tennessee Association of Middle Schools (TAMS) state conference at the Cool Springs Marriott. TAMS has […]

  7. TN Spring Training Begins April 26

    Image from WikipediaThat’s right baseball fans! Tennessee Spring training opens April. 26 at 9:30 AM and will continue until 2 PM. Our training headquarters is the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, TN (outside Knoxville). This is your opportunity to join the Major League with Discovery Education: We will warm up with […]

  8. TETC Discovery Streaming Session Is A Huge Hit!

    Teryl and I struggled most of the morning trying to get wifi connections working, videos linked correctly, and inviting friends to join us via Skype or Twitter for our TETC session on ways to use Discovery Streaming in the classroom. We spent our lunch hour doing a mini training with a few friends.  We looked […]

  9. Coffee Clash at TETC

    That’s right, the Tennessee DEN Leadership Council is organizing a social gathering for DEN members attending TETC in Nashville. We are still organizing the date, time, and place, so check back over the weekend. Here are the details we do have: We are meeting at a wifi-enabled coffee shop, so bring your laptops! We would […]

  10. Road Trip Accomplished!

    Get your own Moonk! This past Wednesday evening the DEN staff hosted a dinner at the T&L Conference in Nashville. The dinner was at The Old Hickory in the Opryland Hotel. Around 20 people attended, including DEN members from Tennessee (west, middle, and east), Wisconsin, Maryland, Maine, and more. It was a wonderful evening of […]

  11. DEN Leadership Institute Day 2!

    Okay, this is technically day 3, but I was too wiped out last night to post a blog.  Now, refreshed and fed, this is my third attempt to post this morning.  Discovery is a wonderful company with wonderful products, but their wireless connections….. Anyway, we spent yesterday with Joe Brennan learning about digital storytelling, storyboarding, […]