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  1. My DEN Valentine


    I have been IN love with one man in my life! (My husband, Steve) Last summer-  I had to tell him that I was sharing a little of that love with my new DEN friends. He was okay with it. I guess that I am having a DENmance with over 125 new people right now. […]

  2. I <3 DEN by Carolyn Stanley


    I love the DEN because it keeps me in the loop. There is so much that we can learn from one another, and I’m so grateful for all the folks who spend time enthusiastically sharing what they have learned or tried and had success with – so that other educators and their students can benefit, […]

  3. Oh DEN, how do I love thee?

    Photo on 2-14-13 at 2.01 PM

    Let me count the ways…. One:  I love the company.  And I’m not just saying that because I work for them.  Day after month after year, this company has demonstrated that they’re in the education space for the RIGHT reasons.  When we have meetings about new products and ideas, it’s never a conversation about “How […]

  4. I <3 DEN by Judy Uhrig


    My love affair with the DEN began over 7 years ago when Brad Fountain was at our school for professional development, and told us about this “new” network of educators. Since then this whirlwind romance has taken me to exotic places such as Silver Spring, San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, Bozeman…….I have been showered with […]

  5. I <3 DEN by Lori Abrams


    I love the DEN for allowing me to network with educators who are collaborative, creative, talented, fun, and make me feel respected and valued. I love the DEN for all of the resources available to help me be a more collaborative, creative, talented and fun educator! If you are on the DEN Leadership Council, you […]

  6. I <3 DEN by Cheryl Woolwine

    Florida STAR Discovery Educator and member of the DEN Leadership Council, Cheryl Woolwine asked me to post her #DENlovestory for her. If you are on the DEN Leadership Council, you have access to post a blog right here. Tell your story about why you love the DEN. If you aren’t, you can add a comment […]

  7. The DEN shows the Love


    I find the DEN to be the best professional network I belong to.  If you’re not a member it is important to know that this is a network of people.  I had a real wow moment yesterday at PETE&C that emphasized this point.  I had just finished lunch with my friend and co presenter Drew Giorgi.   […]

  8. All You Need Is Love


    I think the Beatles were on to something with their hit song “All You Need Is Love”. Written in 1967 by John Lennon, the Beatles had been tasked with coming up with a simple message that could be easily understood throughout the world. Love is a universal language that brings us together and makes us […]

  9. I <3 DEN by Mary Anne Jezierski


    I love the DEN because it has allowed me to grow as a professional and gain confidence. I work at a Catholic school that is run by a parish. You can imagine how small my world is! The DEN has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers from around the country and and […]

  10. Why I Love The DEN


    I have been a part of the Discovery Educator Network almost since its inception.  I wasn’t at that first NECC (now ISTE) conference when the idea was birthed.  Honestly, I didn’t know NECC or ISTE existed.  I was just a 7th/8th grade English teacher trying to find ways to interest kids in diagramming sentences, fixing […]

  11. Another DEN Love Story


    Oh DEN friends, Oh DEN friends. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Valuable resources shared by passionate educators Amazing tips, tricks and tools from people who are actually using them with kids and for kids Like minded educators who have a common mission of keeping it about the kids, while constantly […]

  12. I <3 the DEN


    If you read yesterday’s post written by Porter, you could tell she has a deep affection for the DEN and those that are members of the community.  When I think of the DEN and what I love about it, I think about what the community, the connections, and my co-workers have done for me over […]

  13. I <3 DEN by Tracie Belt


    I love the DEN because of all the opportunities it gives me to connect with other educators that are passionate about learning, students, and technology. I also love the DEN because it supports teachers in their endeavor to try new technology in the classroom. Most of all I love the DEN for giving teachers opportunity […]

  14. Happy ValDENtines 4 U!


    I am so happy to take some time to share the love and support DEN has given me.  Since my first experience with DEN team members in 2010, my understanding and implementation of 21st C learning techniques has grown exponentially. Sure, I have always been a very motivated educator, pursuing professional growth, sharing my feats while searching […]

  15. My DEN Love Story


    Porter Palmer, as she is so good at doing, has inspired me to write my DEN love story. I have been a member of the DEN since 2006 and a STAR since the program started. It has also been my privilege to have been the chair of the CT DEN LC for the past three […]

  16. Do you really love the DEN?


    “Work is love made visible.” Kahlil Gibran For my work with the DEN, there is no truer statement. Everyday, when I come to work, I do so with a heart full of love for every single member of this community. I even catch myself signing emails to community members “Love, P”. A few weeks ago, […]