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  1. DEN Open House Recap


      Last week, we celebrated DEN Open House.  We are very proud of the Discovery Educator Network and we have some incredible members.  One of our goal’s with DEN Open House was to share information about the DEN so those who don’t know much about it can learn more.  We, the DEN Team, can talk […]

  2. DEN Open House Podcast

    Here is the archive from today’s DEN Open House podcast. I am trying to fill the host shoes for Dean Shareski, who was traveling at the time of this Google Hangout. In this podcast we discuss “community” and the importance of having a community and tips for building a community. Enjoy.

  3. DEN Open House Archive

    Last night we hosted a virtual DEN Open House event. DEN STAR & LC members Heather Hurley, Linda Rush and Mary Carole Strother joined us in a Google Hangout to talk about their experience with the DEN. The goal of our open house was to give educators a personal introduction and overview of the DEN […]

  4. Discovery — To the Classroom and Beyond!

    Just as I tell teachers that Discovery Education is so much more than merely videos,  the program is not just for classroom teachers but for all educational settings.   That includes the library– my particular setting!   This wealth of resources is continued by the DEN, another place with something for all educators, from the core teachers in the regular classroom […]

  5. The DEN Open House Series

    As you begin another school year can you think of at least 1 educator who would be a great addition to the DEN Community? Someone who is eager to learn and willing to share their knowledge with others. Beginning next month the DEN is hosting a series of virtual Open House events for educators to attend to […]