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STEM Skills will Help Save our Planet

STEM Skills will Help Save our Planet

I’ve spent the past five days supporting our friends at Polar Bears International with their Tundra Connections webcast series that brings classrooms from all around the world to the tundra to learn from scientists about polar bears, climate change and what we can do to help save our sea ice. The theme of this week


PD Tips: Behind the Discovery Educator Network

Article sourced from Education World, written by reporter, Nicole Gorman. Having a strong professional learning network is an important part of being an educator. Being able to share and receive advice, lesson plans, or just friendly banter among peers is an essential part of teaching. For this reason, many online communities exist to serve this purpose. Education


“Ain’t I a Woman?” Resources and Instructional Ideas for Celebrating Historic Women

In 1851, a former slave became a luminary of the women’s rights movement. Sojourner Truth, born Isabella Baumfree, delivered an impassioned speech later titled “Ain’t I a Woman?” that questioned society’s out-of-kilter view and treatment of women. In her day, there was no Women’s History Month, but instead a tireless, year-round fight against injustice. As