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  1. Poetry in Motion

    I have always felt that one of the recurring gifts of teaching was hearing from or about former students who were successful (I even taught and coached with a few). I got a bit of that feeling Sunday morning when I was thumbing through the USA Weekend  insert in our Sunday paper and Spotted the […]

  2. Brainy Pics Congrats

    In spite of suspicions of “coercion,” the latest winner in the BrainyFlix series of vocabulary competitions has been announced. Kind of reminds me of a B movie I saw once about a high school sub who is really ex-Green Beret or something and comes in to clean up discipline in the school. Keep checking in […]

  3. Vote Now!

    The Department of Education’s “I am What I Learn” voting closes today (http://www.ed.gov/iamwhatilearn/index.html). Pick your three favorites from the ten finalists. Then, if you can find a little extra time, share your opinion of those student thoughts on the role of education in their lives in a comment below.

  4. Brainypics – Just 1 Week Left

    Just got this reminder from the good folks at BrainyPics: ***This Is Your Final Week to Submit Brainypics*** We’ll be picking the LAST 5 FINALISTS who will compete for our $200 Grand Prize and win themselves iTunes songs.  Ooooohhhhh~ We won’t be setting a special theme this week. Just make your Brainypics funny and memorable.  […]

  5. No Tricks, Maybe a Treat

    I just want to remind you all of the Department of Education’s invitation to have students (13 years and older) share the importance and relevance that their education has and will have in their lives. The deadline is Monday, November 2nd. Reposted from September 26th: I am what I Learn Apparently, that’s what the Department […]

  6. Brainy Visual Storytelling

    One of the contests that tickles this old linguistics guy’s fancy is the one a couple of MIT alumni run celebrating vocabulary words: Brainyflix and Brainypics. This time they are starting out with a Brainypics flashcard contest, in which students create interesting sentences and pair them up with memorable pictures as a visual cue.  Between […]

  7. I am what I Learn

    Apparently, that’s what the Department of Education thinks and would like to hear students’ thinking on that in a 2 minute video. And by student they mean “an active middle, secondary or college student 13 years or older.” I’m sure they set 13 as the starting point because of YouTube’s terms of service. If sharing […]

  8. DST Week – iMovie

      Michael Hakkarinen took on the iMovie webinar duties on August 6th and diplomatically stuck with iMovie HD6, avoiding the iMovie ’08 and ’09 quagmire. I won’t stick my foot in that (or my mouth) right now except to say that if you have iMovie ’08 in your school/district, update to ’09 ASAP. It’s very […]

  9. Secret Formula Chroma Key Paint

    But before I spill those beans, I should you remind you about Digital Storytelling Week kicking off our back to school webinars. 8/3/09 Thinking Outside the Slide: Creating non-linear PowerPoint presentations and learning centers with Discovery Education Media 8/4/09 Digital Storytelling Made Easy: Using Discovery Education Content with Animoto and PhotoStory 8/5/09 Director’s Cut: Discovery […]

  10. Jet Lag

    Or maybe this should have been entitled “Full Sail ’09.2/DENNI ’09.1.” I thought I had posted a few thoughts while trying to switch gears a week ago after taking three planes from the Apple Institute in Orlando to the DEN National Institute near San Francisco (literally in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge). Except […]

  11. Full Sail '09.1

    Into my second day of learning and sharing here with other Apple Distinguished Educators at Full Sail University in Orlando. So far I have been inspired by two amazing keynote speakers, FSU alum Jayson Whitmore (3 masters degrees and valedictorian each time) and Ray Zahab of Impossible to Possible (for starters he ran across the […]

  12. NECC '09.2

    Well, I must have gotten a little distracted reading everyone else’s musings on the very last NECC (it will be the ISTE Conference from now on). I can’t believe it’s taken me a week to put together a few thoughts on Hall Davidson’s “8 Things You didn’t know you could do with Video (and 2 […]

  13. NECC '09.1

    I have to admit to myself (and you) that I just can’t put together cogent, well thought out blogposts when I’m caught up in the swirl of a conference like NECC. Keynotes, debates, concurrent sessions, poster sessions, chance encounters, vendor visits, old friends, new friends… I think I just need to serve things up as […]

  14. Telling Our Story

    Our own Scott Kinney testified before a House committee today. Here’s a cross-post from the DEN national blog. Today, the House Education and Labor Committee held a hearing to examine how technology, innovative education tools, and digital content are transforming and improving education in America. The DEN’s very own Scott Kinney, Vice President of Outreach […]

  15. Get Shortie 2009

    Most of us think of June 6th as D-Day, the Normandy Invasion. Well my neighbors and their teacher, Tricia Fuglestad, down at the Dryden school here in Arlington Heights, IL added their own “D” this year on June 6th as they won two first place awards at the Shortie Awards festival in D.C. I had […]