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  1. New Changes Within DE Assessment For BTS

    Discovery Education recently hosted an informational web-based event that provided educators with a closer look at the newest assessment features and resources. And we wanted to make that available to all. During this webinar, educators engaged in an interactive 45-minute exploration of the enhanced assessment platform. Click here to access and play the video. You […]

  2. EEN: AweSTEM Alternative Assessment Strategies

    Are you looking for ways to validate learning beyond reduced choice exams? Join Jason Altman from the DE assessment team and DEN STAR’s Peg Hartwig and Cary Supalo For a refreshing look at 21st C assessment strategies for low incidence populations throughout K12 science and mathematics. All educators interested in alternative assessment strategies for low […]

  3. Managing My Classrooms

    I hope that everyone has had, or is having a tremendous back-to-school experience. Good luck to all as you kick off the 2012-2013 school year. I received a great question last week from an educator in Nevada and wanted to share it with the community, as well as my response. There is flexibility built into […]

  4. The Front Story

    We understand the concept of a “back story” and a “back channel,” but I noticed I almost never think of the front story, what comes before something. So it was last evening when Steve Dembo began with all the initiatives that Discovery has embarked upon, before Chris Dede‘s opening EdTechConnect webinar. I missed the first […]

  5. Making The DEAN's List

    Making the Dean’s List is every college student’s ambition. For those of us who have a few years between college and the workforce, we still remember with pride the kudos that came with making the Dean’s List. Now, however, everyone can be on The DEAN’s List. Meet Porter Palmer, creator of the DENs newest blog […]

  6. "Where the Rubber Hits the Road"

    Justin Karkow hosted the first of many back-to-school webinars on the enhancements to Discovery Education Streaming PLUS. Today’s sneak peak shows some of the wonderful features that will be coming your way this summer if you are a Discovery STAR Educator! If you are not, you might want to check out hot to join us […]