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  1. Propel Montour to host DEN SCIcon 2010

     What a great place to hold an event for Discovery Education…a school.  No room fees, no charge for Internet, and we even get to sit in those little chairs.  I was pretty pumped up when I found out that Propel Montour would be hosting this very unique virtual conference on January 9th. Even though it is […]

  2. Meeting a Storm Chaser!

    In my current position, or should I say positions(I wear many hats) I get to see a lot of exciting activities.  In addition to being the Director of Technology Integration for Propel Schools, I am the science coordinator.  I am the SOS or Specialist on Site.  I believe that this was due to my knowledge […]

  3. Repower America Wall + Discovery Education Resources = Clean Energy

    Not that long ago, I found Repower America in my Google Reader and subscribed via emails. This message is the most recent one I received, and as educators, we can see the unlimited opportunities to take this idea of impacting our energy issues to the classroom. If you are concerned with our country developing clean […]

  4. Can I Help You With That? with Justin Karkow

    I came to Justin Karkow’s presentation late from blogging our live event with Patti Duncan, so I missed the intro.  But his message soon became apparent: we often ask students to check how they learn best when they enter our classrooms.  He showed us the old job wheel, contrasted by the 21st century job wheel.  […]

  5. Thinking Outside the Slide: Mike Bryant on Multimedia Presentations

    Tech or Treat continues, live in the Learners Lab, but for this time slot, we turn our blogging to Mike Bryant’s multimedia presentation. When you begin thinking about slides, think outside the slide, from a flat still image to what goes beyond the image. So, using Shakespeare’s birthplace and highlighting the window, you can push […]

  6. Getting Started With Discovery Education

    Tracey McGrath and Patti Duncan, PA Leadership Council members, began the day with “Getting Started With Discovery Education,” a presentation pitched to beginners who want to immerse themselves slowly in Discovery basics.  Tracey began with introductions, with participants stating their name, school, and giving a brief description of their experience with education and technology.  Then […]

  7. Summer School Archives

    Discovery Education’s Summer School Webinar Series, conducted during the month of August, was a tremendous success. If you could not attend all 16 webinars, not to fret. The Discovery Team is busy converting and uploading the archived sessions so you can view them on your time, on demand, 24/7. Nearly half of the presentations are […]

  8. Myth Busting + Dirty Hands + Differentiation + Muir Tips = DE Science Week

    So often you hear how hard it is to make math and science work with technology integration, and speaking from a humanities perspective, I understand that dilemma. Discovery Education Back-to-School webinars have the answer for you all week is science is your game. Register here. It starts today and the lineup is awesome. Join us […]

  9. The Cutting Edge

    Discovery Education always brings the cutting edge to the DEN before the edge is cut. That’s why I love the new Discovery logo. Although I think its reference is the new Discovery Student Adventures program, the catch phrase works for everything that Discovery does: they help us discover the undiscovered–ahead of everyone else. As they […]

  10. Ustream or Livestream: That Is The Question

    Guest Blogger: William Kennington, junior, SHS Last week, on May 27, 2009, four groups at Salisbury High School in Allentown, PA presented their Integrated Project. IP is year-long endeavor for students who enroll in the courses of AP US History and Honors English 11. IP is a research-based project that incorporates a final multi-media presentation […]

  11. Dr. Martin Luther King

    A half-century ago, when African Americans were denied the right to vote, sat at the back of the bus, drank from “colored only” water fountains and sent their children to substandard, segregated schools, brave Americans dreamed of a better nation. They were beaten and water-hosed and thrown into jail. Many were killed. Today is a […]

  12. Veterans' Day

    Many businesses and school districts were closed on November 11, Veterans’ Day in the USA.  Do students today know the history of Veterans’ Day?  Probably not.  Below is an excerpt from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. In November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day with the following […]

  13. Michigan Virtual/FTF Conference

    What an awesome day!  The Michigan Leadership Council hosted an in-person professional development day for teachers at Haslett High School.  This was co-sponsored by Discovery Education and MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users for Learning).  Mike Bryant, Discovery Regional Manager, made a surprise visit.  He announced that our Michigan event had the most people registered nation-wide! In addition […]

  14. Something Cool to Try This Summer

    I was just browsing the  “Streaming A to Z” blog, and found an entry about how to do the “green screen”  effect in Windows MovieMaker, something I’ve been wanting to try.  As you will see by reading the post, it is actually a BLUE screen/chromakey feature.  Links to step-by-step directions with screen shots are available, shared by Jen Dorman. […]

  15. New STAR and final Discovery Connect of the 07-08 school year

    Welcome to Michigan’s newest STAR member, Brian Lancaster, from Hamilton Schools!  It’s great to see the new members from Hamilton Schools after their recent fantastic “Day of Discovery.”    For school districts still in session on June 11, there is one more Discovery Connect opportunity for teachers and students. WHEN WE LEFT EARTH: THE NASA MISSIONS presents the dramatic story […]

  16. Become a STAR!

    Did you kow that STAR Discovery Educators have access to a super-extended trial to DE Science?  The trial is good until July 1, 2008.  Those who have used it LOVE it!  Learn how to become a STAR Discovery Educator here.  We would like to have many new STAR members from Michigan! 

  17. Discovery Resources about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

      Are you looking for classroom ideas and resources about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr?  Discoverystreaming has many new videos, audio files, images, and writing prompts available.  Click here for easy access to these resources.  Take students to the 1960’s and the Civil Rights movement with these resources.  Also get them thinking and writing about […]