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  1. Lesson/Activity: Solar Sources – Turn the Sunshine on this Earth Day!

    More solar energy hits the earth in one day than can be used in 27 years, which means we use less than one percent of the sun’s power. Solar panels are being used more often in American homes and businesses. Solar energy is clean power that does not pollute the environment. LESSON SEQUENCE: Have students […]

  2. 10 Ways to Discover Earth Day

    We’re only three days away from Earth Day and my wife (Martha, teaches sixth grade in Harrisburg, pretty awesome teacher) asked me for some ideas.  So, in the spirit of Earth Day I decided that recycling and re-using others’ ideas was the best strategy.  But, I also wanted to compost, I mean compose, a couple […]

  3. Lively Lessons: Recycling

    Each year, Americans throw away millions of tons of paper, glass bottles, plastic containers, aluminum cans, yard clippings, and other types of solid wastes. Increasingly we are realizing that we are running out of places to put this waste as our landfills fill up. In this week’s Lively Lesson students will examine their own life […]

  4. Discovery Education Streaming Newsletter: April 2015

    Celebrate Earth Day with Discovery Education – this month’s newsletter is packed with resources for you to use with your students. Highlights include our Earth Day Digital Challenge, an Earth Day Content Collection and a look at America’s Top Young Scientist, Sahil Doshi’s environmentally friendly battery PolluCell to name a few. Find out more Check out […]

  5. Lively Lessons: Alternative Fuels

    In this week’s Lively Lesson we are celebrating Earth Day by looking at alternative fuel options. Most people expect cars to run on gasoline, but now there are hybrid electric, solar cars, and others that use unusual energy sources.  Some vehicles are even using French fry oil to keep them running. Open the lesson with a […]

  6. Content Showcase: Earth Day


    We’re excited to bring to you a new blog series, Content Showcase! Each month Discovery Education’s content team will highlight recently added video related to a timely theme. April’s Content Showcase connects new programs from the Science Channel, NewsHour Productions, and Discovery Education to Earth Day. Featured videos are available in DE Streaming and Science […]

  7. Livestream Announcement: Live From the Farm – Technology, Soil Science and MORE!

    Students Will Learn How Nutrients and Modern Technology Impact the Planting and Harvesting Seasons on a Working Farm Did you know that the United Nations declared 2015 as the International Year of Soils? Join us LIVE from Bomke’s Farm in Springfield, IL as Discovery Education and the Nutrients for Life Foundation celebrate all things soil!  From […]