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Q&A: How A Chicago Teacher Is Finding New Ways to Teach Economics

Q&A: How A Chicago Teacher Is Finding New Ways to Teach Economics

At A Glance: Your 3, 2, 1 of Econ Essentials   Three interactive modules that present students with real-world problems. Foundations of Finance – A Look at Interest Rates Fueling The Future – Fuel price impacts more than what you pay to fuel up your car The Facts About Food – Why does that burger

Community Update

Community Update February 17, 2017

Stay up-to-date with all the new resources, events, programs, and tools available to you as part of your Discovery Education subscription with our bi-weekly Community Update.   Links from this Community Update Access all the resources and programs featured in this update below. Spotlight Resource Discovery Education Monthly STEM Content Highlights – February 2017 Events

Econ Essentials: Seeker Stories

Satisfy your students’ curiosity and further their learning with this three-part mini documentary series by Seeker. Each episode transports students across the globe and showcases stories of people and places that are shaping how economics is impacting our world today. “How Algae Could Change the Fossil Fuel Industry“ Meet Dave Hazlebeck, CEO of Global Algae Innovations.

Facts About Food: A new interactive resource for your classroom

Discovery Education and CME Group have launched the second in their series of Economics-based learning modules for the Econ Essentials program titled Facts about Food. The self-paced module guides high school students in their exploration of economics concepts from a modern farming perspective.  It’s the journey of food from the farm to the consumer’s table that makes the classroom