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  1. Prepared to be Wow-ed!

    Several videos on YouTube have made the rounds recently as they have addressed perceived issues within our current educational system as it relates to the world around us. I received another video today that both challenged and “wow-ed” me as an educator. I believe that you will also be moved by both the message and the method […]

  2. Tech Overload?!?!

    At our monthly technology committee meeting today, there was a theme that resounded among everyone present: we just might be experiencing technology overload! I have to admit that I did not fully believe that this could happen, because I love my technology. I am a Media Specialist, for Pete’s sake! Suddenly, however, it seems like […]

  3. Calling all Michigan STAR's!!

    Be it know that this is a semi-formal call out for any and all Michigan STAR’s to be a guest blogger on this site. You’ve read us. Now it’s your turn. Do you have a topic of great importance (or not that important)? Do you have a great idea to share? A best practice? Just […]

  4. Ride the Wave… or Crash and Burn?

    Getting ready for the new school year has taken a gradual shift for me. When I think back, I remember the early years where I needed a key to the building, to my classroom, and to the copy room. In my classroom, I dusted off and sorted through teachers’ editions, professional journals, and various handbooks […]

  5. First Impressions of Windows 7

    I’ve seen the ads, I’ve read the reviews, and I couldn’t wait to get a copy of Windows 7 to see how it worked for myself.  Admitedly, I was nervous about upgrading my computer (from Vista), worried that something would go wrong and I’d no longer be able to connect to my home wireless network, […]

  6. Overheard at Alan November's Building Learning Communities Conference

    Michael Wesch:  “Harness the relevant tools and engage students in real world problems that the teacher does not know the answer to.” “We need to move our students from knowledgeable to knowledge-able.” Michael Lambert: “Treat a visual like an onion.  Peel back the layers, make the students slow down, and dive in.” “Emotion drives attention […]

  7. Fun Learning

    I’m at the DEN Leadership Council Institute in Boston this week with 75 other amazing DEN leaders from across the country.  This evening we participated in an AmeriDEN Idol competition.  What a fun structure for learning!  Each team (of approximately ten people) were given four minutes to deliver a presentation to the others…   a web site, online tool, video, etc.  The DEN team hammed […]

  8. Is it good form… to use Google forms?

    I have to credit this week’s blog to my esteemed (and recently retired) colleague, Mr. Bruce Vigneault. He sent me a link to http://edte.ch/blog/2008/08/23/10-google-forms-for-the-classroom/. One reason that it particularly interested me was because he commented that many of the forms pertain to the lower grade levels. In my experience at our district, the majority of […]

  9. Interesting Web Find

    As the school year draws to a close, I find myself beginning to have a few spare moments to look at some of the websites that I accumulated over the course of the year that I haven’t looked at.  One of those sites is http://www.fillanypdf.com.  This site allows you to upload any PDF form to […]

  10. Voice Thread in Action

    It was not until we were in our Poetry Unit that I saw an obvious use of Voice Thread with my 1st and 2nd graders. I have been unsure how it could be useful with young students as I have. But, with the students showing excitement with writing poetry I presented Voice Thread to them. […]

  11. MACUL Conference Bits and Pieces

    MACUL Conference 2010 STAR’s in Action. Here is a list of STAR’s who are are presenting at this year’s conference. Wednesday, March 10, 2010 8:30-12:00 Melissa White~Interactive Classroom Technology, preK-6 1:00-4:30 Melissa White~ Interactive Classroom Technology, 7-12   Thursday, March 11, 2010 10:00-11:00 Wynn Draper-Bryant~DyKnow: Interactive Program—Haldane Rm. Patti Harju~Wikis in the Classroom –Grand Gallery […]

  12. Online Photo Editing Sites

    Greetings Fellow Michiganders! Ever find yourself in a predicament where you need to edit a photo and you don’t have a piece of software to do it?  Well, thanks to the power of the web, you will never be stuck again.  There are two sites that I have found very useful, and don’t take long […]

  13. What is Facebook's role in education? And vice versa?

    At our Thanksgiving celebration a  year ago, I was busy updating my Facebook status and prowling around my friends’ pages when my sister-in-law peeked over my shoulder and hesitantly said, “Ya know… That might not be such a good idea.” This was not the first that I had heard about concerns relating to teachers having social […]

  14. Music in the classroom

    I was thinking the other day (yes, you smell smoke and no, it did not hurt). Does the music I play at various times in my classroom really matter? One day, one of my students asked what happened to the music. She was missed it while she was doing her math Do Now. Humm. Looking […]

  15. Call for Speakers

    There are two opportunities to apply to present at educational technology conferences:     1.       Collaborative Tools Conference – Nov 13 at Macomb ISD.  Call for Speakers Application due Sept 28.  http://webtools4learning.org 2.       MACUL Conference – March 11 & 12 in Grand Rapids.  Call for Speakers Application is due Sept 29.  http://www.macul.org   Perks for both:  […]

  16. Google Earth Updated Imagery

    Google Earth released new and updated imagery and higher resolution 3D terrain for many locations, including Michigan!   If you have not visited Google Earth lately, you need to check it out!  I took a quick screenshot of Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes (NW Michigan’s Lower Peninsula).  I have vivid memories of running up and down the […]