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  1. DENny Awards

    Tonight was the last DEN webinar of the year.  It was an evening of recognizing DEN STAR Educators going “above and beyond.” The Michigan DEN blog was one of the state Leadership Council blogs recognized.  Emma Haygood was also recognized for sharing some fantastic resources.  WOOT!

  2. MACUL Grants Available!

    Michigan educators: Do you have a great idea for a cool project involving technology in your classroom? Apply for a 2009-2010 MACUL Grant! Grants are awarded for up to $1500 towards a project that will help benefit the students in your classroom/school. The deadline is June 27th, 2009, so do it NOW! All of the […]

  3. Xtranormal Video

    This entry was also posted on my personal/professional blog, Yes Tech!  A teacher friend showed me the website Xtranormal today.  It is a simple web-based video creation tool.  You can select characters, scenes, and special effects.  You can easily add dialogue, body gestures, facial expressions, and even decide the camera angle.  Publishing is free (for now, […]

  4. MI DEN Feb Newsletter

    Cheryl Lykowski, our MI DEN Leadership Council Chairperson, created a newsletter with helpful ideas and tips.  Click on the link below to view it (PDF).  You’ll find info about: DEN Diigo group DEN book club (Grown Up Digital) Web Resource: Museum Box Web Resource:  Scholastic Computer Lab Favorites Feb 2009 MI DEN Newsletter

  5. Dr. Martin Luther King

    A half-century ago, when African Americans were denied the right to vote, sat at the back of the bus, drank from “colored only” water fountains and sent their children to substandard, segregated schools, brave Americans dreamed of a better nation. They were beaten and water-hosed and thrown into jail. Many were killed. Today is a […]

  6. Planning for DEN Events 2009

    Last night I attended a planning meeting/webinar with the DEN Leadership team.  Many topics were discussed:  retreats, state Leadership Council elections, a Symposium before the NECC Conference, Virtual Conferences, a Geocaching Day, and DEN Gurus!  Want to know more?  Dates and details are in the presentation below. Den 2009 Webex View SlideShare presentation or Upload your […]

  7. MACUL Multi-Media Contest

    Have your students created some outstanding technology integrated projects you want to share with others?  If so… The Multimedia Special Interest Group (SIGMM) of MACUL is hosting its 2009 Multimedia Contest for Michigan students during the month of January & February. Entries will be accepted in each of 3 categories: Digital Storytelling (Grades K-4),  Multimedia […]

  8. Jason Ohler Session, Wed 12/17, 7PM

    Jason Ohler is this month’s featured speaker on Discovery Education’s EdTech Connect.  I got to know him last March when he came to the MACUL Conference.  The Elemenary Education Special Interest Group sponsored a digital storytelling pre-conference session faciliated by Jason Ohler and it was FANTASTIC.  He understands the importance of telling a good story, and […]

  9. One-to-One Webinar

    I am facilitating a webinar with Michael Gielniak and Kate Kennedy for the One-to-One Institute tomorrow (Dec 11, 2008) at 2pm EST on Wimba.  The topic is “Implementing a one-to-one program.”  We’ll be sharing info about 1:1 sustainability, best practices in the 1:1 classroom, and the latest regarding 1:1 evaluation/research.  If you are available at 2pm and want to listen in, […]

  10. Google Street View

    Today’s e-newsletter from Google, called the Sightseer (sign up here), highlights a cool new feature of Google Earth.  Street View is a layer now available.  Once you turn on the layer, you will see icons of cameras in several locations.  You can zoom in for a closer 3D look!  Street View imagery is now available in the […]

  11. Immersed in Technology

    This week, along with a few of my fellow Michigan DEN members, I have had an amazing opportunity for professional development. I have been attending the DEN Leadership Council Institute training at Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, as I have never had the chance to attend an […]

  12. Something Cool to Try This Summer

    I was just browsing the  “Streaming A to Z” blog, and found an entry about how to do the “green screen”  effect in Windows MovieMaker, something I’ve been wanting to try.  As you will see by reading the post, it is actually a BLUE screen/chromakey feature.  Links to step-by-step directions with screen shots are available, shared by Jen Dorman. […]

  13. New STAR and final Discovery Connect of the 07-08 school year

    Welcome to Michigan’s newest STAR member, Brian Lancaster, from Hamilton Schools!  It’s great to see the new members from Hamilton Schools after their recent fantastic “Day of Discovery.”    For school districts still in session on June 11, there is one more Discovery Connect opportunity for teachers and students. WHEN WE LEFT EARTH: THE NASA MISSIONS presents the dramatic story […]

  14. MACUL Session

    The world is getting smaller, as countries strive to work together, and classrooms are opening up to connect with people outside of their classroom walls. The adage,” Think Globally. Act Locally,” is now an essential part of many school activities. Global connections is about thinking globally, communicating with others outside your local community, broadening your […]

  15. MACUL Session

    Eric Strommer, Michigan DEN Events Team Member, will be demonstrating the software Inspiration at the Model Classroom at the MACUL Conference in Grand Rapids.   Come see him demonstrate how teachers can plan, complete and present projects by creating graphic organizers using pictures, text and spoken words. These visual learning tools help students build essential thinking and […]

  16. Science Olympiad Competition

    I have been up to my neck in preparation for our regional Science Olympiad competition. My students have been working their fingers to the bone to build a robot, balloon launch glider, egg transport vehicle, and a catapult. They are also studying like crazy on topics like meteorology, oceanography, ecology, food science, astronomy, simple machines, […]