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  1. Financial Literacy in the Classroom

    At Discovery Education we’re eager to learn about and stay ahead of trends in education. Financial literacy is one topic that we’ve noticed being talked about more and more in education circles. We’d like to get an understanding of how financial literacy is currently being taught (or not taught) among our community members.  If you have 10 minutes, […]

  2. Do you teach Financial Education?

    Please tell us so by completing this link or the form below! You might recall the past few years when we’ve helped get the word out about the High School Business Challenge.  This year we want to hear from educators that incorporate financial literacy into their classrooms.  Complete the form and we may reach out to you to provide […]

  3. Holiday spending can spark discussions on financial literacy

    From the commercials to the billboards, holiday shopping (and spending) can often spark great conversations with students.  If you’re looking to start a financial literacy conversation with your students during this time of year, or if you want to share some great curriculum resources with parents, take a look at one of our partners in […]