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  1. Online Graphical Dictionary

    If you are like me, sometimes putting something into a graphical form is helpful to get the mind flowing. I guess that is one of the reasons I like using Inspiration so much. It’s how my mind works. Needless to say, that’s how most of our student’s minds work too. I was forwarded this webpage […]

  2. DEN Virtual Con == Today

    Been very lack in getting my FETC post out this past week. My mind I think is FINALLY rested up and rip-roaring ready to go. I will get my FETC post out, AND please, I’m calling out anyone who was at FETC to write something up and I will post it as a guest blogger. […]

  3. FETC Event to bring to your attention

    Received word from Darlene Wolfe here in the Orange County, FL area of an event that might be beneficial to some of you. If you are interested please read further on below the images. Educators, guidance counselors and administrators may register on line at http://www.fdmec.org/registration/event_012208.htm . More information for this free program is at the […]

  4. WoW 2.0 show review

    I just wanted to say thanks to all of you DEN members that showed their support last night in the EdTechTalk chat room while the WoW 2.0 Show was going on last night. As Anne Truger (SL Council and good friend) can tell you, I was a basket of nerves leading up to the show. […]

  5. Women of Web 2.0

    For you regular listeners of the Women of Web 2.0, tomorrow’s show should be a pretty good one. At least for me that is. As I posted on my personal non-DEN blog over the weekend, I will be guest speaking on the WoW 2.0 show tomorrow night. It truly is an honor to have little […]

  6. FETC Pre-Con Event Announced

    When? 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM (January 23) Where? Orange County Convention Center, Discovery Education’s Corporate Room (S220F) Why? Professional development, networking, fun, free…need we say more? How? To sign up for the event, please send me Lance an email at (lance_rougeux@discovery.com) that contains the following… * Name * School * District * email Space […]

  7. Help a Fellow DEN Member Out Please

    Elaine Plybon, blog coordinator for the Texas DEN Leadership Council, needs YOU! The Irving Independent School District in Irving, Texas, for which she works, has an annual Technology Media Fair. This year, the district has opened up several categories for online judging. The hope, above all, is that this will help keep district students excited […]

  8. National DEN Information to Pass Along

    Just received this information from Jannita. Wanted to pass this along to you all out there so you were aware of it: EdTechConnect with Daniel Pink, December 12th 7:00pm EST Daniel Pink, bestselling author of A WHOLE NEW MIND, will describe how three powerful economic forces are putting a premium on right-brain abilities in the […]

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Florida DEN

    Good Morning Florida…I’m writing to you from the lovely Don Cesar Beach Resort over in St. Pete Beach this morning. I thought about writing a post from Nassau, Bahamas over the weekend when I was down there, but the evil eye I got from my wife was pretty tell tale that I was better off […]

  10. Florida DEN STAR Blogs

    Are you a Florida STAR DEN Member? Are you keeping a DEN Blog? If you answered yes to BOTH of those questions then I have a small job for you. Debbie and I are configuring the Florida Page to be a source of information for the DEN and a place to share in Florida conversations. […]

  11. OMG….Long Post Overdue!!!

    My Florida DEN colleagues and friends….My apologies for such a long delay in coming. With the changes in the web page it’s been a chore in getting access rights set up for Debbie and myself. I think we finally have this fixed. SO this is a GREAT thing. As i can start getting more and […]

  12. Back to School Blues…

    Can’t hardly believe it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve posted anything. Bleh…I’ll just blame that on getting back to school and being in Hilton Head Island for my final vacational blowout before back to school time. Many of us are heading back to school here in Florida this upcoming week. If you are an 11 […]

  13. Software Purchasing Site

    As my esteemed colleague Debbie B. points out, school is rapidly approaching for us Floridians. I start back on Monday (11 month extended contract guy here!) very much to my chagrin. As we move back to school, we all need some sort of software or other tech goodie to buy with any Lead Money you […]

  14. 2 days to Florida Institute

    I’ve been packing now for the last 2 days to get ready for Sunday’s beginning to the DEN’s 2nd of 3 Summer Institutes. I guess this summer I’ve been very blessed as this is my third event I’ve been able to take part in with the DEN since the end of school. Personally, I think […]

  15. What are you doing this summer?

    Please forgive me as it’s been a good week and a half or so since I sat down to blog for the DEN. I’ve been in a funk since the end of school came, I think it’s partially the stressing situation of moving campuses. Nothing like moving eh? Today marked the first day that I […]

  16. Florida DEN Voki's Panera

    AC_Voki_Embed(200,267, ‘91787b60a03b8a45bd414583933d9495′, 2599, 1, ”, 0); Get a Voki now! If you have not read Steve Dembo’s Digital Passports post on Voki, you really need to do so now. Between grades being due today at my school and re-imaging the first of about 300 computers for next year I’ve not had a chance to check […]

  17. End of Year Coffee Social

    I’ve been trying to sit down and get this written for the last 3 days. Something just SEEMS to keep coming up to delegate it to the back burner. Here goes my proposal for an end of year coffee social. What: End of Year Coffee SocialTime: 5pmWhen: Next Tuesday 5/15/07Place: Panera Bread @ The Loop, […]

  18. Tech Forum – Orlando

    I’m a little late in publishing this. Personally I think taking me out back and letting me find my own way home might be a good penance. Tomorrow is Tech Forum – Orlando. Our very own Florida DEN STAR Kay Teehan will be presenting on Digital Storytelling. I always jump at the chance to support […]

  19. Welcome Back – Again

    I’m sure I can speak for my CO-blogging coordinator Debbie Bohanan, that we welcome back the Florida blog in its new and improved state. We look forward to being able to connect with you all again! It’s hard to believe it’s been about a month since FETC came and went. In that time I know […]