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The End – Today is our First Teacher Day!

The End – Today is our First Teacher Day!

Today is our first teacher day! So this will be a simple idea and not time consuming! I confess, I am a gamer. I have been obsessed with Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Solitaire, PopWords, Sunny Seeds, and Word Warp. I like puzzles that have a definitive goal and ending. My son likes FPS (first person shooter)

Evaluate Happy Students Using Games

Did you know that you may have as many as 165 educational games available to you through your Discovery Education Streaming Plus service? Just search by “games” using the media type filter. These games span all subject areas, including literature, fine arts, and science, and were developed with the differing needs of our youngest students,

We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing

Recently I attended a Classroom2.0 Live session where Barbara Bray was the featured guest. Barbara, a learning strategist from California, spoke on the topic of “Joy in Learning” (session recording here)and the importance of play in the learning process. In her post Full Steam Ahead: The Power of Play, she says: Schools in the US