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iMake iLearn – MAKING a Difference

iMake iLearn – MAKING a Difference

Do you want to help the DEN make a difference?  This year at the Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute in Washington D.C. the Leadership Council assembled STEM kits for a public school in the area.  We are reaching out to you to share ideas that we could share with the children and on this blog


iMake iLearn – Building (or Breaking) Beyond our Bounds

Five Tips for iMake iLearn – Beyond Our Bounds with Bargains! As the Instructional Technology Facilitator for my school, I hoped to encourage teachers and students to consider projects that infuse several of the STEAM subjects in one project. These multi-faceted projects can create deeper meaning than teaching one STEAM subject in isolation. I have

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iMake iLearn – Minecraft and DE Resources

How can Discovery Education resources and Minecraft be used to build deeper understandings of curricular concepts?  Here is just one way to use both of these powerful resources to engage students actively in learning and creation. To build background knowledge about different types of communities, I started by using Board Builder from Discovery Education.  Board

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iMake iLearn – Launching Our Makerspace – SP Design Lab

LED Build Night The success of our SP Design Lab comes from the connections that we have made with our community.  Last spring the SP Design Lab was created and integrated into lunch recess and after-school.  Through collaboration with FACTv and Radiant Fabrication, our Design Lab was able to benefit from experts within our community


iMake iLearn – Setting Up Your Makerspace

The Why…. Our makerspace is called The SP Design Lab. The SP Design Lab is modeled after the Makerspace movement where our students are able to access different materials to create and design in both the physical and virtual environments. Too often our students are told what they should do, how they should do it,

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iMake iLearn – Puppets, Puppets, Puppets

Who doesn’t like puppets?  Meet Conni Mulligan, our DEN guru and expert in how to integrate puppetry into the learning environment.  Conni’s passion for puppetry is infectious and the ways that she integrates puppets in storytelling and giving students voice.At the DENovator Faire, Conni shared a wonderful way to create puppets.  Her area was three