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Fun Fact Friday: High Tech Guitar Lessons

Fun Fact Friday: High Tech Guitar Lessons

Did you know that there is a video game that can actually teach you how to play the guitar? It’s true! The game is called Rocksmith 2014, and the way it works is rather ingenious. Much like the other two powerhouses in the music gaming world, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Rocksmith features popular songs,


Fun Fact Friday: ISSelfie, Star Trek Style!

If you read last week’s Fun Fact Friday, you already know that the ISSpresso coffee maker was launched into space, and due to dock with the International Space Station. What you might not know is what the machine’s intended recipient, astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, wore to greet its arrival! Cristoforetti donned a uniform from the television


Fun Fact Friday: Coffee In Space

Did you know that a coffee maker was recently launched into space? It’s true! Bound for the International Space Station (ISS), the SpaceX supply ship carries a variety of necessities for the orbiting astronauts. One of those items is the ISSpresso, a coffee maker specially made to operate in space. According to a NASA document,