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  1. OH CRIKEY! Steve Irwin Died!

    One of my very 1st Discovery memories involves Steve Irwin, affectionately called my many "The Crocodile Hunter" so you can’t imagine the shock when I got the text message this morning that he had been killed by a stingray.  I immediately woke up and turned on the news to learn that he passed away by […]

  2. BUZZ Off!

    As many of you heard I had quite an eventful week.  But it doesn’t seem to give up.  A few days ago, we discovered bees swarming one our brick barbeque in the backyard!  So being in the hero of the house, my hubby took off to "Good Ole" Home Depot today.  Next thing I knew […]

  3. Joel Takes Time to Fly

    Everyone, meet my favorite butterfly Joel Jacobson in his debut blog.  If you haven’t met this beautiful butterfly yet, you really ought to check him out!  Joel is helping schools from around the nation take flight with innovative fundraising through the program Learning Adds Up.  Through selling Discovery’s newest home media product, COSMEO, they will […]

  4. Name this Myth….

      One of my most favorite parts of visting the set of the Myth Busters was walking around their warehouse and seeing signs of past myths.  Not only do you find them on the tables, but also sitting in corners on cabinets, in the planters outside and even hanging from the ceiling.  So, let’s make […]

  5. Got Oxygen?!?!

    This had made me laugh so hard the other day.  I arrived home after a long week at NECC and was immediately taken back… or should I say up 12,300 feet up!  A few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending TIE, Colorado’s State technology conference at the BEAUTIFUL Copper Mountain Resort.  I was […]

  6. ETC – Modesto's Best Kept Secret

    Shhhhhhhhh!  You haven’t heard about the Educational Technology Conference?  Over four hundred educators from central California may not want you to know about this "little" conference developed and sponsored by CTAP Region 6 and CCCUE.  It is no surprise that anyone would want to keep this gem to themselves…it featured "Techno Icons" Mike Lawrence (keynote […]

  7. Died and Gone to Hershey

    It’s official… I have visited the “Sweetest Place on Earth” Hershey, PA. And yes… the air really does smell like chocolate. My favorite the “Hershey Outlets” a woman’s dream come true… chocolate and shopping.  But if you can believe it, I am actually burnt out on chocolate.  I will say I have always loved Pennsylvania, […]

  8. Spanish Class in Ceres

    La Morenita is the place Ceres teachers hold their Spanish Class.  The subjects covered… enchiladas, tacos, salsa… and we even managed to fit in some talk of technology.  A BIG thanks, to DEN member Susan for organizing a great dinner with the unitedstreaming POWERUSERS of Ceres School District.  Another HUGE thanks to Carey, Supervisor of […]

  9. The Ellipse

    Oh Cali Tree… Oh Cali Tree… How lovely are your branches!  So… in between bundling up, marathon meetings, and my escapades on the ice we were able to visit The Ellipse.   This is a circular park, nestled between the White House and the Washington Monument that is home to the National Christmas Tree.  The added […]

  10. Fall has arrived!

    My recent trip up north proved, contrary to popular belief by some of our East Coast colleagues, that California indeed does experience the beautiful Fall season.  I am sure the neighbors were wondering why this “tourist” kept pulling over, jumping out of the car, and snapping pictures, but I just couldn’t get enough of the […]