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  1. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 11-19-2012

    Happy almost Turkey Day! ‘Tis The Season to Share and be Thankful. As I think about and reflect about things that I am thankful for within Discovery Education, I have to say that the ability to share and support others with the My Content, My School, My District, Quicklists, and MediaShare tools have to be at […]

  2. Matt’s Media Tips 11-13-2012

    When I was growing up math was the one subject that could always make me break out into a panic induced sweat.  I learned math through rote and repetition and struggled to find the relevance.  I used to be petrified of the day when my son or daughter asked me to help them with their […]

  3. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 11-5-2012

    During this week we’ll explore how the Discovery Education Interactive Calendar is being used in new and unique ways to capture students’ imaginations and engage them in different ways.  I’ll share stories from around the country.  We’ll also exclore a free interactive timeline tool and mobile app as well as list a whole host of […]

  4. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 10-22-2012

    We all know and recognize that the students in our classrooms are wired (literally) differently than us.  They want to engage and interact with the content that they are learning.  They also multi-task and absorb information through a myriad of devices and inputs at the same time.  With that in mind we are going to […]

  5. Matt’s Media Tips and Tricks 10-15-2012

    Join me for his is part two of the Digital Decoder series. Within this edition we’ll explore how to use Discovery Education and six other digital resources to help students predict what they will be reading, re-state what they’ve just read, and make connections to the text that they are reading.  We’ll also explore a free […]

  6. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 10-8-2012 Digital Resources to Assist Decoding Text

    This is edition is part one of a two part series that explores how to incorporate digital resources into six reading strategies. Please share with your team, peers, and staff. This week we’ll explore how four dynomite digital resources complement three reading strategies (Breaking down the sounds – Phonemes, Chunking unfamiliar sounds and words and […]

  7. Matt’s Media Tips and Tricks 9-17

    This week we’ll explore how to download closed captioned files using the new interface. I also provide links that show ou how to manipulate the Closed Captioned text on both a PC and Mac. We’ll also examine a cool app that links to many more cool free education apps! Finally, in this edition, I provide […]

  8. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 9-10-2012

    This week we’ll explore the  new content surrounding the 2012 Presidential Campaign that has been added to Discovery Education.   Naturally, I wanted to see how we could extend this theme so I chose to evaluate three different sites that help you build infographics.  To bring it full circle – I show you how to take […]

  9. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 9-4-2012

    I hope you enjoyed the last bit of a summer break.  The close of the long weekend brings us to the beginning of our new week.  And it wouldn’t be a new week without Matt’s Tips and Tricks right? This week we’ll explore the new closed captioning functionality within Discovery Education.  I provide step-by-step instructions, […]

  10. Back-to-School with Matt’s Tips and Tricks

    Today marks the first day of school for most schools around the country and thus, so begins another year of Matt’s tips and tricks. This week we’ll explore all of the new enhancements to the Discovery Education back-to-school release. I’ve made quick little screen captures that show off most of the new features and functionality […]

  11. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 7-19

    This week I’ll review the newly enhanced Discovery Education features and functionality.  Get a sneak peek and go behind the scenes to see what you’ll have access to when you go back to school in the fall. I also highlight a special Back-to-School webinar series starting August 8, 2012! Open publication – Free publishing – […]

  12. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 6-11

    I know, I know – you’ve missed me :). The last two weeks have been crazy busy (Memorial weekend and the week that followed). But I’m back in business now and have a fresh new Matt’s Tips and Tricks for you. Since we are now heading into the summer I’m going to move the tips […]

  13. Matt’s Media Tips and Tricks 5-21

    This week we’ll check out the who, what, when, where and why of Digital Storytelling.  We’ll link to a presentation that includes web 2.0 tools and mobile apps for delivering stories, and of course, we’ll highlight this week’s webinars. I hope you enjoy and share this week’s edition!   Open publication – Free publishing – […]

  14. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 5-14

    Who knew we had news? This week we’ll check out three different sources of “News” within Discovery Education. We’ll link to Lance Rougeux’s 62 page Summer Packet kit, check out a way to save video for offiline use on an iPad, and of course, we’ll highlight this week’s webinars. http://issuu.com/mmonjan/docs/monday_morning_media_tips_5-14_pages?mode=window&viewMode=singlePage Open publication – Free publishing […]

  15. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 5-7

    This week I cover creating a summer resource list with five great free resources available to teachers, students and parents.  We’ll explore a free translation app for iPhones/iPads/iTouches and Android devices and I highlight this week’s webinars.  Please enjoy and share with your peers and parents! http://issuu.com/mmonjan/docs/monday_morning_media_tip_5-7_pages?mode=window&viewMode=singlePage Open publication – Free publishing – More den […]

  16. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 4-30

    Good Monday Morning to you all. This week we’ll check out how to find and use the interactive simulations, games, and skill builders inside Discovery Education. We’ll explore a cool mulitplayer game app for students using one iPad. And, of course, we’ll highlight this week’s webinars. Please enjoy and share. http://issuu.com/mmonjan/docs/monday_morning_media_tip_4-30_pages?mode=window&viewMode=singlePage Open publication – Free […]

  17. Matt’s Media Tips and Tricks 4-23

    This week we’ll check out few cool things that you can do with PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.  We’ll also examine a presentation format that may be good to use with your secondary students.  And we’ll explore two web 2.0 tools that add in sharing and social functionality to your presentations along the way. We’ll review […]

  18. Matt’s Tips and Tricks – 4-16-2012

    This week I’m showcasing the three six-word stories that got the most votes.   We’ll also explore the many different ways to find themed content within Discovery Education…and how educators are using it.   Finally we’ll explore a great mobile app for creating digital flashcards. And, of course, we’ll highlight upcoming webinars. Please enjoy and […]

  19. Matt’s Tips and Tricks – 4-9

    This week we’ll showcase our six-word story finalists.  We’ll also explore two fantastic and free websites, Scratch and Popplet as well as a great app for exploring educational sites. And, of course, we’ll highlight this week’s webinars.  http://issuu.com/mmonjan/docs/monday_morning_media_tip_4-9_pages?mode=window&viewMode=singlePage   Open publication – Free publishing – More den

  20. Matt’s Tips and Trick 4-2

    It wouldn’t be Monday with out Matt’s Tips and Tricks. This week I’m highlighting different ways to share Discovery Education media through the My Content, School and District Content folders. We’ll explore two different contests (one for teachers one for students). We’ll also take a look at this week’s webinars and two mobile apps that […]

  21. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 3-26

    I recently learned about this really cool and simple site called http://iPiccy.com. The site is a simple photo-editing tool. But when you pair it up with one of our 28K images and a digital storytelling technique, the six-worded story, you can really generate some great content. This week I’m highlighting the six-worded story, a lesson […]