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  1. More from Discovery Education’s YouTube Channel

    Discovery Education and the DEN are great organizations.  Each year, the DEN hosts two Virtual Conferences, one in spring and one in fall.  These free, one day events allow educators to listen to and interact with presentations from members of the DEN Team, DEN Gurus, and other special guests.  These are live, real time events, […]

  2. Were you trained in data and assessment?

    I’d like to think I’m pretty darn smart, particularly when I was having a conversation with a colleague and a couple of days later the Huffington Post covers a story on that very topic!  Maybe great minds think alike? The topic – are teacher credential programs preparing teachers for the type of work that is […]

  3. Mashups at ISTE: Got Projects! + MovieMaker Chromakey

    At ISTE 2010 (the conference formerly known as NECC), I will doing a few presentations but the most mediamaking-fun will be the Web 2.0 videos+original videos+curriculum mashups.  Basically, it’s creating content on Web 2.0 sites, like Gizmoz, Blabberize, Wordle, etc., then video-screen capturing it, and editing it with student work and/or DES videos.  Living on the […]

  4. Google Earth Alert! Macs Beware!

    If you are on a Mac at school and you are considering using the latest upgrade to Google Earth–think again.  If you have been using the great  Jing trick (previous posts) to have your students reporting from anywhere in the world, the embedded code won’t work in Google Earth version 5.0.11733.9347 (May 5, 2009).  Really […]

  5. Little Mac Chromakey Detail

    I spent a great day in Flagler County, Florida, with some innovative, eager teachers.  Mostly Mac based, they are excited about bringing their students’ content creation skills into curriculum-based videos from DES and the free chromakey tools on the Mac, such as Photobooth and iMovie 9.  Both will let students put themselves into videos and […]

  6. Nation's Oldest Student Media Festival

    Saturday, May 30, the nation’s old event celebrating student media and multimedia, the 43rd California Student Media & Multimedia Festival was held in two California locations.  As the host for 16 years, it was a renewing pleasure to see the fabulous work students and teachers are capable of.   In an era when high stakes […]

  7. Blog for Brad:Old Tricks in New Google Earth

    Note: This repost includes a code fix in the documents below.  Something in the blog authoring system corrupted it on the original post.  Sorry about that! This week Google Earth introduced it’s latest update (version 5 in most operating systems).  Some neat things: You can now record tours, say of state capitals, you can fly under […]

  8. Time — Warped!

    Video, as we all know, offers instant access to student attention.  Video takes you across time, across boundaries, include microscopic and macroscopic boundaries.  But video can also slow time and bend it to reveal physical phenomenon laying under day to day experiences.  To see what I mean, visit the website for Discovery’s program Time Warp.  […]

  9. The Year in E-View

    Year in E-View. For the first post of the new year, I thought I would share some favorite posts from the DEN blogosphere from 2008.  I took some informal polls,  did some serious review and, wow:  Note : Trolling great, old posts is a dangerous thing.  The DEN home site is like the Brothers Grimm […]

  10. Friends, Romans, and GoogleEarth heads

    Take a Roman holiday–a Roman Empire holiday!  I got an email from Googler AnnaBishop.  She processes the Google Earth Pro requests from educators and wants them to keep on coming!  So take advantage of that special offer by emailing GEEC@google.com (educators only!  Everybody else pays the $400). She also let me know about the new […]

  11. The Exploding Mind

    An exploding mind can be a good thing.  I was asked to work with the faculty at the School of Education at Johns Hopkins on the topic of educational technology.  This was an important group by itself– and representative of an extremely important segment in education:  the teacher preparation programs across the country.  They monitor, […]

  12. StreamAthon Video Reposted – Quick Note

    The YouTube video of “Dino Dude’s ‘The People Whisper’” is now reposted in the entry below.  I had initially posted it with a limit of 25 views, which was a blunder.  It is now up for everyone.  And, no, I didn’t break YouTube.  :).  When it’s ready, I’ll also post the PowerPoint and step bystep […]

  13. Live from the StreamAthon!

    This is the video we built.  The one that no one could see in the fabulous StreamAthon.  I realize it went fast.  Here are the tools and sites I used for “Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Video (and Two You Did).”  With one exception, all the tools and sites are free. […]

  14. Best Teaching Videos? I Don't Think So!

    The ironically titled site SmartTeaching.org” blogged a list claiming “100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers.”   Say it ain’t so.  While there are some old favorites and familiar gems in the 100, there are also some terrible choices, videos that don’t serve teachers at all.  Worse, old middle school teacher that I am, I am hard […]

  15. Google Earth – For the Ears

    I had a great time at the Discovery Educator Network National Institutes.  Mike Bryant did Google Earth for the Leadership Councils and I did it for the National Institute.  The great “face of the globe” is from Mike’s presentation here.  I’m hoping it’s his image, because I’m using it.  I twitted I was doing this […]

  16. Dr. Pepper Blow -Up

    LIVE from NECC!  This post was initially made live during my presentation in the Lila Cockrell Theater.  We did something in that session never done before (to my knowledge).  We pasted a live feed from a cellphone  (Mr. Steve Dembo’s) into Google Earth. Pretty fun.  We also did it here, in the blog. That’s why […]

  17. Live Video Feed From NECC 2008

    Writing from NECC in San Antonio, Texas,where this blog will be viewed live during my session on cellphones in education (which NECC accepted, causing happy shock and insomnia). We’ll be checking out a live feed from a mystery guest during the session, which is at 3:30 PM Central Time onTuesday, July 1. The live feed […]