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  1. Two New Spins in Google Earth

    For media folks like me, the cool, interactive graphical program that is Google Earth has always had a Holy Grail–inserting moving media so it plays right over the terrain, as still images will do. We’ve gotten a lot closer with two new features, one with mixed blessings. First, Google Earth now has a YouTube layer. […]

  2. When I'm right, I'm right—but…

    Joe Brennan told me Wal-Mart must have read my blog when they pulled the losing format high definition DVD player (HD DVD) off the shelves.  I did predict the eminent demise of the format after Warner Brothers jumped ship to support Blu-Ray.   It happened faster than anybody thought.  However, now is the time for great […]

  3. By Request

    Two requests.  First from a DEN member who was attending a great meeting in Florida last week where early adopters of  OnePlace (great program) shared information about the single log-in, content creation, etc.  She had moved PowerPoints into her iPod for presentations and discovered the problem that comes when iPhoto renumbers the jpegs saved from […]

  4. My Stars! Google Earth Grows Up.

    Google Earth, with very little fanfare, has grown up…literally up.  It has added the sky.  You can now see the sky above the location where you are, including constellations, planets, and the movements of heavenly bodies.  Google has posted two great videos to explain the new feature.  One features Sally Ride and the other is […]

  5. Real Fun in Virtual World

    The Premiere Gala Event was held at the DEN building in Second Life.  Put together by the very real hard work of the SL leadership cadre, it is a spectacular place. Fountains, lights of fire, a holo emitter on the roof (set for a New England fall), and a view of the island volcano. Robo-bartenders […]

  6. iPod Webinar – Mini-Post

    For those who tuned in to last week’s webinar (live from the University of California at Berkeley) during the DEN National Teacher Institute, here is the updated PowerPoint presentation and the pdf of the same. They have been enhanced so that they will work somewhat as a standalone.  I’d love your feedback.  Has anyone tried […]

  7. Keynote Sharing from the Group!

    A good keynote should inform, stimulate, and inspire. With luck, it can have immediate impact on every participant.  At the Caribbean learning experience, we reinvigorated the keynote by having a group share.  It took the form of American Idol, with a trio of judges–Grumpy, Pushover, and Effervescent– in tuxedo shirts.  There were great ideas and […]

  8. DEN Goes to NECC '07

    To find out what the images below have to do with the DEN and NECC, you’ll have to either 1) Come to my media/GoogleEarth session 2) visit the Discovery Booth 3) wait until next week when the pdf of the session hits this blog.  In the meantime, the DEN will have a great time in […]

  9. Great Teachers Acknowledged

    Last Monday, great teachers across the country were acknowledged and dined in Orlando, Florida, by the Bright House cable networks.  These teachers received $1,000 per person (or per team), a two-day excursion to Chicago, and a goodie from Tiffany’s. The work they did was incredible.  They blended mega-lessons from cable network programming–like Discovery shows, curriculum […]

  10. Nation's Oldest Student Media Festival-Tomorrow

     The nation’s oldest media festival for students is tomorrow, June 2–the 41st California Student Media & Multimedia Festival.  Last time we tracked numbers, thousands of students had participated through hundreds of projects, K-12. If you are in California, it’s free to attend!  There are locations in northern and southern California.  I had the privilege of […]

  11. Wireless VideoCam: Birds Eye View

    I blame Joe Brennan.  He emailed me about a $6 wireless mike from Geeks.com –no endorsement implied– but I sprang for the $32 wireless video camera just to check it out. How good (or bad) could a $32 wireless video camera be?  I ordered it, it came.  Birds had built a nest in the eaves […]

  12. Great Music for the Classroom. But…

    Some great and productive DEN members from Georgia emailed me recently about freeplaymusic.com.  The music at this is site is fantastic– film sound track quality stuff. You must visit it.  And, although created for media professionals, it is specifically free for classroom teachers doing educational projects with students in their classrooms.  Students assembling media with […]

  13. I Have to Say it!

    Last Friday the mainstream press reported the banning of iPods in some school districts to "beat cheaters."  A ban was enacted in an Idaho district after officials at the school "realized some students were downloading formulas and other material into the players."  A teacher in my own state of California yanked an iPod and discovered […]

  14. Proud Site Launch

    This is a departure from the usual subject matter but if I can’t share this with my blog, what kind of community have we got here?  The next pure media post will be out tomorrow but today I’d like to announce here the launch of a site we have been spending a lot of time […]

  15. Two Nice Moments

    This was a nice moment.  I was scheduled to give the opening address at the great MICCA conference (Maryland Instructional Computer Coordinators Association).  The Internet connection wasn’t working so three guys were fiddling, cell-phoning, etc.  One of them was John Hruska, from the Office of Instructional Technology at Anne Arundel county.  Before I spoke, they […]

  16. aMazing Moving Media

    This blog is dedicated to motion media in all its forms—and here’s one outside most boxes. These people in the crowd at the Texas Library Association were there to watch media move in a way I’ve never seen before. It was the annual Book Cart Drill Team Competition.  Librarians in wild costumes marching and spinning […]

  17. Google Earth Webinar Handouts

    Google Earth Webinar April 4!  Handouts posted below. Unsolicited comments from the chat window.  We had a great time and I thought I would leave this blog post to the participants!: Teryl Magee :I think the kids will get a lot out of it! Steve Dembo:absolutely! Steve Dembo: Panoramio layer–That’s great that it will do […]

  18. Google Earth Webinar Free (Tomorrow!)

    DEN webinars are a great free resource. Wednesday, April 4, at 5 PM – 6 PM Eastern time, I am giving one entitled "Staggeringly Good Things About Mixing Google Earth and Media".  We’ll talk about mixing audio, graphics, and videos into the real terrain of Google Earth in ways you may not have thought of.  […]

  19. Three Things to Do NOW

    These things have deadlines!  But you should submit, because I think somebody reading this blog will win at least one of them..:).  First of Three Things: 4 Media Contests:  There’s money, tickets, and fame to be won–so read on. Each has a slight catch, but one of the following will work for you.  #1: Time […]

  20. Mining Web Media from TV: Planet Earth

    There is a dialog going on at the bottom of the previous post about virtual librarians.  Don’t let it get pushed back. Terrific Media Online!  There are great video treasures often posted without fanfare by "old media" companies. No better example is out there than what is posted for the Discovery Channel’s digital blockbuster Planet […]

  21. Live from New York

    Thursday, I had to opportunity to speak to Tech Expo 2007 in New York.  A technology leadership institute put on by the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center it was a high level look at school implementation of some bold strategies, including virtual worlds, video conferencing, podcasting, and Open Source. Not a tips or trick session […]

  22. NCCE

    Nonlinear surprise at NCCE – The DEN has been talking about and demonstrating nonlinear PowerPoints.  DEN member Tim Chase presented a session at the Northwest Council for Computer Education–and everyone thought it was done in iMovie.  But surprise, the panels and buttons were all action buttons and action objects in PowerPoint.  Another great way to […]

  23. "Staggeringly Great" Handouts

    Alert!  There are now pdf’s as well as PowerPoints.  If you had trouble, try now. See below.The iPod PowePoint has been updated. There have been five conferences in seven days and there was no good URL to post the handouts to, at the time, so I will post a permalink to this site from now […]