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Young Scientist Challenge – Webinar Companion

Young Scientist Challenge – Webinar Companion

This posting is made as a companion for the webinar series Discovery Education and 3M are sponsoring to support students and teachers entering the Young Scientist Challenge. This Challenge is entirely video-based. Entrants must create a one to two-minute video (max!) from a list of scientific concepts. Below are some different ways those videos can

Recording from Phone to Quicktime – the Immortal Kid

For the Young Scientist Challenge webinars explaining both the student category and the DEN teachers category, I wanted to have the overall student winner from last year say a few words as well as hear from a commited scientist at 3M. But the webinar schedule was extensive –inconvenient for both 11-year old Erik Gustafson and

Young Scientist Challenge – For Teachers, Too!

The Discovery-3M Young Scientist Challenge kicked off with a technology challenge as the online seminar locked up on my computer. Fortunately, old pal and fellow media maven Joe Brennan was able to take over from his. One fine thing about this Challenge is that it is NOT about technology. It’s about creativity and communication and

Waffles, Vice Presidents, and a Free Trip to win!

The Discovery Educator Network had a team meeting in California this week. As with any group of educators, this means food is not to be taken lightly. Here, servicing the hungry crew, Vice President Kinney fries up the eggs as Jannita irons waffles behind him. The crew at the table chows down, with Dembo hitting

G'bye Dubai, Dunes, & Didactic

Interesting thing about Dubai. In education, we share the visionary talk about conceiving things and then making them happen. In Dubai, there is the physical manifestation of that. They are going bricks and mortar big time. A town (right) that in 1990 was a figment of a royal imagination has become real in less than

Woke up Smelling of Camel

Still in Dubai.  Some members of our ISTE group got bumped off their critically oversold flight last night.  We’ll see what happens to me late tonight… Woke up smelling of camel, since we took an offroad adventure out into the desert last night.  The desert is deeply beautiful and the sand has so much more

Blogging from Dubai

Here in Dubai for the GETEX conference, the Gulf Education and Training Exhibition, held in partnership with ISTE. Interesting kind of place. We have been meeting with ministers and educational agencies. It is the most top-down education space I have seen since working in Los Angeles Unified. Nothing specifically about media for this post except

Webinar Files Posted: Gigapxls Galore

Missed the webinar on March 11? I updated the Powerpoint from the Webinar and it’s posted below. It explains in more detail the topics we covered. The pdf file is probably the most useful. PowerPoints tend to gum up when they include video, but it’s there, too. The previous post (below) has videos that demonstrate

Webinar, Hulu, Gizmoz and Google Earth

Tonight (Tuesday, March 11, 2008) I’m throwing a free webinar, sort of an EdTech 1.5 where I’ll update iPod, Google Earth, and Digital Editing on Windows stuff. Hit DiscoveryEd.webex.com, go to Event Center. Come on aboard, 4 Pacific. Time, 6 Central, 7 Eastern. Tomorrow, Hulu launches. This video site has 250 television series online–for free.

Big Story–Little Package

The DEN has grown–by five months! Jannita Demian, with an assist from her husband Laurian, is preggers! Five months old, the demi-Demian will be a native Californian. This is a first for the Demian clan. They are looking for a name. The winner will get a DEN hat from Hall Davidson (who is pulling for