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  1. Winners of the Linden Dollars

    Good Morning! Hanging for 3 hours at the S.A. airport — got ‘twittered’ that the security lines where unbelievably long so I headed out early.  And, what do you know?  I was through security in under 10 minutes!  Oh well, the wifi here is great (thanks San Antonio International Airport!) so I thought I’d get […]

  2. DEN Raffle NECC 2008

    Congratulations to those of you who have participated in our DEN at NECC 2008 Raffle. We’ve given away almost L$500 in just two days and you still have another day of chances. Keep in mind that the more people that are there, the more money that can be won. The prize goes for each avatar […]

  3. More from NECC

    If you have been following Twitter, Plurk, and/or the blogs from NECC you are probably already aware that there are some pretty frustrating wireless access issues.  So, I apologize that these posts are not going live in a timely fashion. I have been having a really difficult time uploading my photos from the DEN pre-conference […]

  4. Good Morning from San Antonio!

    Howday y’all!  (you should hear the ‘twang’ that Laelia has developed!LOL) Talk about sensory and emotional overload!LOL  Yesterday, at 8:30 a.m. the entire DEN in SL LC presented together face-to-face.  Although most of us had the opportunity (fortune) to meet face-to-face on Saturday night (I landing late and cursing the shuttle service to the hotel […]

  5. Get Up and Get On Over to HGCC!!!

    That’s right!  If you’re at NECC in San Antonio, then we expect to see you at 8:30 a.m. SHARP for a presentation by the DEN in SL Leadership Council, ‘Creating a Personal Learning Network in Second Life’.  We’re in Room 211 (make a left at the Bloggers Cafe, and it’s right before the SL Lounge […]

  6. Headed to NECC

    My bags are packed – I’m ready to go . . . I’m excited to be headed to San Antonio for NECC 2008.  I’ve had the opportunity to attend NECC  a few times, but not for the past several years.  It has evolved into a myriad of “conferences within the conference” with specialized sessions and […]

  7. We're Going to NECC 2008!!!

    wOOt!!! The DEN in SL submitted a proposal to present at NECC 2008 and IT WAS ACCEPTED!!! “The NECC 2008 Program Committee has completed its review of this year’s proposal submissions, and we are pleased to announce that you have been accepted to present at NECC. Please find the status of your submission(s) below: Creating […]