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  1. Social Media in Your Inbox?

    The month of February brought news of two developments in the social media marketplace. One,  an ill-fated debut of  Google’s service called Buzz, a second almost under the radar announcement by Microsoft, about social media plug-ins for Outlook. If you are a person who has not chosen to clutter your life with the streams of […]

  2. Digital Nation on PBS

    PBS’s Frontline premiers “Digtal Nation” tomorrow night on its broadcast stations. The program and some great additional resources are available on the companion website. It promises to be a provocative look at our always on, always wired world. Check it out on air, or online! Many thanks to the wonderful Nancy Hovorka for forwarding the […]

  3. Backing Up Your Cloud

    Have you made the move to the cloud? Is your email up on Google? Are your pictures up on Flickr? Are your most important thoughts on Blogger or Word Press? Have you ever considered what would happen to that data if the service you were using went under, gets gobbled up by a competitor, has […]

  4. Signs of the Times

    Three  items that crashed like waves on my virtual shore and just made me go, hmmm…. Laredo, Texas Becomes a City of 250,00 With No Bookstore Vicar Gives Blessing to Electronic Gadgets and OMG! Des Moines Teen is US Texting Queen, Heads to World Championship

  5. Google Academy for Administrators – Part Two

    Just before the holidays I wrote a post here about the upcoming Google Teacher Academy for Administrators, and the conversations that had broken out on Twitter and blogs about the offering. I would be remiss if I did not post a link to Mark Wagner’s thoughtful response in his Educational Technology and Life blog which […]

  6. MythBusters on Twitter During Tonight's Special Episode

    Discovery Channel’s MythBusters are offering a special presentation, Monday December 28, 2009 at 9PM EST called Mini Myth Mayhem. During the episode, Mythbuster Grant Imahara will be on Twitter (follow @MythBusters) answering viewer question submitted with the tag #grantchat during the broadcast. You can find out more about Grant here:  GRANT IMAHARA 

  7. The Digital Decade?

    This morning’s Twitter stream had several people re-tweeting this link – The Digital Decade – 20 Things That Changed Childhood Forever from Common Sense Media. Common Sense Media says that they are “dedicated to improving the media and entertainment lives of kids and families”.  If you are like me, I can take or leave most […]