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  1. A Collection of Goodies

    Image by happy via via Flickr A recent podcast by The Tech Chicks, recommended several great and FREE links/sites/applications. Be sure to visit their site and enjoy these teaching resources: Math Posters TakingITGlobal – social network for student to take a stand for their environment. Kewl Grader – just like that little wheel you have […]

  2. Show #4 Discovery Educator Network Podcast – AFI Screen Education Resource

    This show features Mitch Aiken the Director of the AFI Screen Education Center and Frank Guttler the Associate Director of the AFI Screen Education Center.  In this interview Mitch and Frank talk about the Screen Education Resource that is now available on unitedstreaming.  It is important to know the correct order to the video resource, […]

  3. What is a Vocabucast?

    Congrats to Randy Kolset of Saddleback for taking Podcasts to a new level with Vocabucasts!  What’s a Vocabucast? You Ask!  A podcast of his students’ vocabulary words of course!  I’d love to compare reading scores after he implemented this great idea! To check out examples of Vocabucasts and Homework Radio, visit Randy’s website http://web.mac.com/rkolset/iWeb/ClassroomSite/Room22-Blog/Room22-Blog.html

  4. Official DEN Podcasts

    Did you know that DEN has it’s own Podcasts featured on iTunes?!?  Now you can hear from DEN experts from around the nation reporting to you on a variety of topics.  All you need to do is search "Discovery Educator Network" on iTunes. Here’s a brief description on our first 3 podcasts…. Let us know […]

  5. 2nd graders are Award Winning Podcasters!

    Here’s some inspiration for all of us this year! DEN Member Linda Rood, of Saddleback Valley Unified School District, 2nd graders are award winning podcasters!!! That’s right!  Even 2nd graders are getting swept away in the podcasting craze! You have to check out some of their podcasts at http://web.mac.com/lrood/iWeb/Site/Podcast/Podcast.html What I love the most about […]