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PB A to Z

Polar Bears: A to Z

Polar Bears: A to Z

This week we are thrilled to be back with our friends at Polar Bears International to broadcast live from the tundra directly into classrooms all around the world.  With polar bears outside our tundra buggy, our expert panel of scientists will share their expertise about bears, climate change and what it’s like to have a very interesting STEM

Tundra Connections

Tundra Connections Math Challenge

If you haven’t heard, the DEN is once again partnering with Polar Bears International for their 2014 Tundra Connections program.  Learn more and register from my previous blog post here: http://links.discoveryeducation.com/polarbears2014 To prepare for the Thursday, October 30 webcast at 1pm ET, we invite you and your students to participate in our Math Challenge.  Our goal is to


Bringing Polar Bears to your Classroom!

The DEN team is again partnering with Polar Bears International for their Tundra Connections program; bringing live, free webcasts from the tundra to your classroom during the annual polar bear migration in Churchill, Manitoba.  Soon, I’ll be packing my bags and headed to the Polar Bear Capital of the World.  I hope you and your students