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Lively Lessons: Presidents, President’s, or Presidents’ Day?

Lively Lessons: Presidents, President’s, or Presidents’ Day?

Presidents, President’s, or Presidents’ Day?  Which do we celebrate? Technically, we don’t celebrate a holiday by any of those names.  Though the phrase is commonly used, according to 6103(a) of title 5 of the United States Code, the holiday observed on the third Monday in February is Washington’s Birthday. Without an official celebration of that


Mousey Monday

  Happy Mousey Monday from Mousey to our Cache and Cookie readers! Discovery employees have the day off today to celebrate Presidents’ Day! However, Mousey still wanted to check in, and wish you all a Happy Presidents’ Day!   Presidents’ Day is the federal US holiday officially designated as George Washington’s birthday. Washington’s actual birthday


Fun Fact Friday: Flipping the White House

Did you know that when a U.S. President is sworn into office at noon on Inauguration Day, a hand-picked and highly trained team is tasked with transitioning the old administration out and moving the new administration in, all in less than six hours? Only White House staffers are allowed to touch a president’s belongings, and