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  1. Home Stretch of the DEN Membership Season – These Places Still Need Players!


      In the final stretch of the DEN Membership Season, who will take home the coveted DEN MVP jerseys?  For most places, the game is down to the wire, but in some states and provinces, the field is wide open!  I don’t want to totally give it away, so if you happen live in a […]

  2. A Champion Amongst Us…

    As a DEN community, we need to recognize the achievements of our fellow DEN members. We are very proud of San Diego middle school teacher, MaryCay  Densmore for being one of only 15 winners of Time Warner Cable’s National Teacher Awards.  The award  "recognizes outstanding teachers who develop creative learning experiences using cable television programming […]

  3. Dash for the Cache!

    Dozens of DEN members were in search of a stash!  It was the First Annual West Coast DEN Dash for the Cache — as in geocache — and they learned and laughed and had quite a bash! Okay, enough with the rhyming!  Simply put, geocaching is so much fun!  In case you have never heard […]

  4. eInstruction's STAR Opportunity

    As an added benefit of being a STAR Discovery Educator, we are pleased to offer you a special discount opportunity in partnership with eInstruction!  Through this partnership, you can purchase the CPS IR 32-pad system from eInstruction at an incredible price of $995 (plus shipping).  This is a discount of over 50% from eInstruction’s base […]

  5. "I See DEN People"

    I had a sixth sense about it.  There was just something in the air.  Negativity didn’t stand a ghost of a chance.  At this time, Halloween was just over a week away and I think everyone was secretly hoping nothing would jump out and grab them during their overnight stay at the Hotel Jeffery in […]

  6. DEN Podcast Show #2

    Discovery Education would like to thank everyone who made the first Discovery Education Network Podcast a big success.  We received a lot of VERY positive feedback from the first show on Character Education and know that as word spreads even more people will be downloading this new resource.  We also had a number of correct […]

  7. Step Right Up and Win a Prize!

         What’s in your “bag” of tricks?Have you shared your unitedstreaming knowledge and expertise?Did you learn something cool at a workshop and want to train others? If you are already a STAR Discovery Educator or aspiring to become a STAR Discovery Educator, we have a special opportunity just for you! Beginning October 1, 2006 […]

  8. Reach STAR Status in the DEN

    As the DEN grows, we want to encourage our members to grow with us.  Therefore, we are enhancing the Discovery Educator Network so that we can offer special recognition and opportunities to members that actively participate. The most significant change to the structure of the DEN is the addition of a new level of membership. […]

  9. Insomnia or Insight…

    In case you were unaware of this, we now have to read and then approve any comments that are submitted before they can be posted. Recently, DEN member Scott Johnson submitted a comment in response to the thoughts of Guest Blogger Ed Warkentin. While Scott claimed that they were just the 4:00AM ramblings of a […]

  10. There's Just Something About a Conference

    by Guest Blogger Ed Warkentin There’s just something about going to a conference that is energizing, motivating, stretching, encouraging, and positive! The potency of these ingredients can vary, depending on the conference, but the DEN-NLC included an extra helping of all of these ingredients. Some conferences are heavy on sessions that could be described as […]

  11. DEN National Leadership Conference Revealed

    by guest blogger Kim Randall   What do podcasts, Java Works, filling out your star, America Revealed, chroma-key, an "Oprah’s Favorite Things" moment, Adobe Premiere, Atlas, Digital Storytelling, Audacity, limeade margaritas, G-Force, Inspiration, bowling, blogs, and more than 40 educators from across the U.S. have in common?  Why the Discovery Educator Network National Leadership Conference, […]

  12. Launching the New unitedstreaming at the Challenger Learning Center

    Whether you’ve always dreamed of being an astronaut or not, playing one for a day at the Challenger Learning Center in Atwater, California, was "out-of-this-world" fun! Our adventure began with a presentation by guest speaker, Michelle Chouinard, Assistant Professor of Psychology from UC Merced.  Her thought-provoking presentation was entitled, "Children’s Questions: a Mechanism for Learning about […]

  13. The New unitedstreaming – As Clear as the Writing on the Wall

    The New unitedstreaming has another tool in its arsenal.  Along with the Quiz Builder and the Assignment Builder, now there is the Writing Prompt Builder.  You can create your own original writing prompts with embedded images from the unitedstreaming image library or search for ones already made.  Create an entire library of writing prompts in […]

  14. More Key Features and Functionality of the new unitedstreaming

    The new unitedstreaming will include innovative teacher tools, such as the Assignment Builder and Quiz Center, allowing educators to select content for student access.  The new Writing Prompt Generator tool will work with any image on unitedstreaming allowing you to create your own writing prompts. Teacher-Managed Student Access Students will be able to access and […]

  15. Key Features and Functionality of the new unitedstreaming

    Besides an enhanced site design, the new unitedstreaming will include improved search functionality for more accurate results, faster.  A dynamic drill-down navigation menu will drive targeted search results. In addition, you will continue to have the ability to search by keyword, subject, grade or curriculum standard. New Video Content More than 1,000 new titles will […]

  16. Introducing the New unitedstreaming

    As a Discovery Educator and leader in digital media, you are one of the first to learn about the new unitedstreaming.   Discovery Education unitedstreaming—the largest and most up-to-date library of video content and teacher resources—is getting even better. Coming early this summer, the new unitedstreaming will deliver new and enhanced features, as well as additional […]