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  1. Mindmeister feature a hit with educators

    Mindmeister is an online, collaborative mind-mapping tool that give students (and teachers) an opportunity to organize their thoughts, brainstorm, and collaborate with just a few clicks. One feature that teachers are finding very useful is the history feature. By clicking the “Toggle History View” icon in the lower right corner, they can view the history […]

  2. New Glogster Partnerships!!!

    If you have not been using Glogster.edu, you have been missing out, especially now that you can share your Glogs through Edmodo and Wikispaces with just one click! Glogster allows you and your students to create interactive posters individually or collaborate on projects using their new interconnected school-based network. This new connection ability allows teachers […]

  3. 3. Discovery Education Streaming and….

    Award Winning Books! Discovery can be a great cross-curricular tool.  Use subject area videos to coordinate with award winning literature for across the curriculum learning. First, some sites for finding award winning titles:   Texas Library Association —  http://www.txla.org/reading-lists– for Bluebonnet Award Nominees and more American Library Association — http://www.ala.org/ala/awardsgrants/index.cfm — for Caldecott, Newbery, and many more Other […]

  4. Getting Creative

    “Two heads are better than one”   We’ve heard the quote and its relative “two minds are better than one”.   In today’s web 2.o- social media world, sharing is encouraged and collaboration cheered, but copyright issues can still arise.  What if someone tries to make money off of your freely shared creation?  What if they change it […]

  5. Web 2.0 and Discovery — A partnership

    There are so many good web 2.o tools out there, several with a Discovery presence already.  Now, how can we use those Web 2.o tools with Discovery products to help academic achievement.   Here’s a few ideas: >>Wikis are a great and easy start.  Create your own special Discovery related wiki with subject pages to add […]

  6. Web 2.0: Discovery on Da Tube

    You Tube  that is.  Discovery Education (and the Discovery Channel and more) have a presence on this video sharing site.   To see what is available, go to:  http://www.youtube.com/user/DiscoveryEducation  Or Teacher Tube perhaps.  For some Discovery Education related videos there, go to: http://www.teachertube.com/videoList.php?pg=videonew&tags=discovery&cid=16  Also on Teacher Tube, check for the just created Texas DEN group at: […]

  7. Blogs and Wikis and Moodles, Oh My!

    What does it all mean!?   You’ve heard the terms, perhaps from other teachers or students, perhaps from crossword puzzles or comic strips.  Now you want to know for sure about what all those Web 2.0 terms mean and get a handle on what’s out there.   Here are some helpful sites for learning the lingo ……  http://www.webopedia.com/Web_2_0/ — […]

  8. Where in the World (Wide Web 2.0) is the DEN?

    Yes, Discovery Educators have made themselves know on Web 2.0 tools.   After all, call them social networking tools, so certainly the Discovery Educator Network folks ought to be using, connecting, and learning on these tools.   A few web 2.0 places to find DEN and the Texas DEN are: http://twitter.com/TXDENLC   http://twitter.com/DEN On FaceBook: Name: Discovery Educator […]

  9. Cool Tool: TagCrowd

    I sat in on David Warlick‘s session this morning at the Region XI virtual conference on “21st Century Literacy” and learned about a useful tool called TagCrowd. TagCrowd will take text, whether it be from a website or a file, and create a visual depiction of the most commonly used words in that text. What […]

  10. One Stop For News

    Hasn’t the last few days been exciting? No matter what your politics, it has actually been nice to see so many people get so excited about something. Those of us who use Twitter and Plurk know just how easy it was to get wrapped up in following what everyone had to say about the things […]

  11. Get Your Blog On!

    Did you know that all STAR DEN members have a blog hosted by Discovery? After presenting an entirely too brief tutorial at the Regional Conference about our blogs, I’ve realized that many STARS don’t realize they have one. I decided to put together a little video tutorial about how to start using your blog. (If […]

  12. Read Books Online

    I’ve been surfing the internet a little more this week than usual and have found three sites that I thought I’d pass on. I decided to pass them on together because they are all the same type of site – free books! In no particular order . . . ReadPrint has thousands of full text books […]

  13. TravBuddy In The Classroom

    I recently visited the profile of a friend of mine on MySpace. He had just returned from a trip to South Korea and had posted a map on his profile that showed all the countries he’s visited in his lifetime. I decided to go visit TravBuddy (the site that had produced the map) and check […]

  14. Do You Doodle?

    One of the things I like to do when I start working with a new group of people is find ways to streamline the things they are already doing. This frees up time for everyone to be more creative and I find that people tend to be happy when they have more time to be […]