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  1. New Tube!

    I asked my middle-school children a question this morning as I was driving them to school – “Do you know why some people call televisions “tubes”?” They responded that they did not, after which my husband and I started enlightening them on the wonderful, albeit ancient, world of the tubed television. Well, my post today […]

  2. Project Playlist a Web 2.0 Hit!

    I heard about Project Playlist at school. My students really like it, so I decided to give it a try over the winter break. When I first pulled up the website, I immediately had a positive feeling because it calls itself a “social music experiment.” As a science teacher, any experiment is intriguing to me […]

  3. See What I Mean?

    I’ve been playing with a site I just learned about called Visuwords. This site is an online dictionary/thesaurus with a twist. Just type in a word and it will appear in the middle of the screen. Keep watching as words that are related in some way (opposite, synonym, attribute, etc.) pop up with connecting lines. […]

  4. Quickie Digital Storytelling Tools

    I’ve recently begun experimenting with two easy-to-use web-based tools that can be used for digital storytelling. Both of these will help your students produce quality videos with little effort. This would be great for those times you can’t really fit a lengthy project into your curriculum. The first is Animoto. Animoto allows you to upload […]

  5. Get SMART!

    Linda Rush, events coordinator for the Texas DEN Leadership Council, and a SMART Exemplary Educator, sent me information about an opportunity our STAR DE’s might be interested in.  SMART sends out a monthly newsletter entitled SMART Technologies Education News in which the Texas consultants, Marci Walk and Heather Lamb, outline tips and tricks for using […]

  6. ToonDoo — Do You?

    The IT at my school posted on her blog about a site she found called ToonDoo, where you and your students can make your own cartoons.  I tried it out and here’s what I found:  1. registration is quick, painless, and free — all you have to do is type in a user name and […]

  7. ZamZar, changing A to Z

    Ever needed to convert a file and realized you don’t have the software to do it?  Visited CNET or some other "free" software download site, searching for the software that will make the exact conversion you’re needing?  Well, those days seem to be gone forever!  Now there is ZamZar, a free online file conversion site.  […]