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SOS: Summer Twist on Tweet, Tweet!

SOS: Summer Twist on Tweet, Tweet!

Tweet, Tweet! is a great way to bring social media into the classroom without needing to use Internet access. Using Post-It notes, participants create tweets (140 characters or less) and create discussions, answer questions, or summarize knowledge. Here’s one way that Durham Public Schools are using this strategy with students, faculty and staff.


SOS: Another Twist on Snowball Fight

My students absolutely love the Snowball Fight strategy for Math review. Instead of passing out a worksheet or going over examples on the board, I use a Snowball Fight with a twist. I put up Math problems on the interactive white board, one at a time. Students complete the problem, and then the fun begins. I announce, “snowball fight!” and the students toss their papers around the room (with minimal injury I might add, which is quite impressive for my middle school boys!) I instruct students look over the work from one of their classmates and see whether or not they solved the problem using the same steps. It is wonderful to hear students complaining that their peers aren’t showing their work! After students have ample time to look over their peer’s work, I review the problem on the board to answer any lingering questions. We repeat the process as many times as necessary.

Happy Birthday DEN

SOS Series Celebrates the 10th Birthday of the DEN!

This week we are excited to celebrate 10 years of the Discovery Educator Network by bringing you a new SOS series for the summer. We’re calling this series SOS Twists and we are featuring your best resource, each other, in the posts! Each week during July and August you will hear from fellow educators who are taking the SOS strategies and giving them a unique “twist”. You will see examples of what those strategies look like in real classrooms, and we hope you will be inspired to use the SOS strategies with your students.