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Lively Lessons: Nepal Earthquake

Lively Lessons: Nepal Earthquake

The recent earthquakes in Nepal have sparked countless conversations across the world. Strong earthquakes have the power to destroy a city’s infrastructure and, even more importantly, put entire populations at risk. Introduce the concept of earthquakes by showing the video segments Earthquake and Nepal: Help Needed to the class. In order to help students understand


Spotlight on Strategies: Partner Time

When students have the opportunity to discuss and compare ideas and opinions with a wide variety of their peers, they develop a broader understanding of the world and are more flexible and creative in their problem-solving. This strategy is a simple yet effective way to manage partnerships in your classroom, and ensures students are not always sharing with the same person.


Spotlight On Strategies (SOS): Step Inside

Step Inside is one of a collection of research-based routines developed as part of the Visual Thinking project from Harvard’s Project Zero. It is promoted in Ron Ritchhart’s book Making Thinking Visible, as a strategy that will help develop students’ thinking and deepen their understanding of the topics they study. This strategy requires students to examine an event or situation from a specific point of view by answering a series of questions.


The STAR of our Show

There’s a lot of talk about the planets these days (poor Pluto), but the main attraction of the solar system is keeping things in motion.  In honor of Space Week, I thought I would share some resources and experiments that will brighten your students’ week!     Weather Things: Sun, Air, Wind, and Atmosphere: The


SOS: Talking Sticks

In addition to talking, being an effective communicator involves active listening. The Common Core State Standards and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills both highlight the importance of developing communication skills in preparation for college and career readiness. These skills are not always easy to acquire. Being a good listener is tough, particularly when some members of the group are passionate, knowledgeable, or opinionated.


SOS: Concept Circles

Concept Circles (Vacca & Vacca, 2001) are tools which help students move beyond memorization of terms and definitions by focusing them on analyzing the relationships between those words. In this strategy, students use a circle organizer to analyze how vocabulary words are or are not related through a concept or topic. There are different models for the circle: some are simply a circle divided into quarters; others, like the one used in the example below, provide space for note taking and identification of the concept


SOS March Madness Winner and a Winning Shot

A few weeks ago, we gathered information to determine your top 16 strategies and put them up against each other.  Every week, your favorite SOS battled their way to the top. After careful evaluation, we are thrilled to announce the true champion…. YOU for providing these winning strategies to creatively engage your students. The March