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  1. SOS March Madness Winner and a Winning Shot


    A few weeks ago, we gathered information to determine your top 16 strategies and put them up against each other.  Every week, your favorite SOS battled their way to the top. After careful evaluation, we are thrilled to announce the true champion…. YOU for providing these winning strategies to creatively engage your students. The March […]

  2. Lively Lesson: Alternative Fuels

    In this week’s Lively Lesson we are celebrating Earth Day by looking at alternative fuel options. Most people expect cars to run on gasoline, but now there are hybrid electric, solar cars, and others that use unusual energy sources.  Some vehicles are even using French fry oil to keep them running. Open the lesson with a […]

  3. SOS Championship Playoff Match


    Each week, our March Madness playoffs have been a nail biting experience, as early favored strategies have been closely defeated by other standout contenders.  A few of my team members, who shall remain nameless, are pretty bitter their favorites are out! Your favorites are still in and this week’s scores were closer than ever.  With […]

  4. March Madness: SOS Final Four + BONUS Strategy


    We put the SOS ELITE EIGHT to vote and were surprised by a few upsets. The scores were close, proving every vote counts. How close was it?!?  Visual Walkabout took down They Said What with 57% of the votes. Snowball Fight took out AEIOU with 59% of the votes. Based your feedback, we are thrilled […]

  5. March Madness: The SOS Elite Eight


    We put the SOS SWEET SIXTEEN to vote and were surprised by a few upsets. The scores were close, proving every vote counts. How close was it?!?  Visual Walkabout took down Silence is Golden with 54% of the votes. Tweet! Tweet! upset Fakebook with 53% of the votes. Based your feedback, we are thrilled to […]

  6. March Madness: The SOS Sweet Sixteen


    We have pulled and analyzed the data and are ready to release your picks for the March Madness SOS SWEET SIXTEEN  competition. Help your favorite strategy make it to the ELITE EIGHT and in doing so gain access to our SOS Community Grid which provides you quick and easy access to all SOS by listing […]

  7. SOS: Whittle It Down


    Summarizing is an important comprehension strategy which involves more than retelling content. In order to summarize effectively, students must have a solid understanding of the presented material (reading passages, videos, audio files, etc.) in order to synthesize large chunks of information into generalizations. The Whittle It Down strategy is designed to scaffold summarization by having students work independently, then collaboratively as part of a small group, and finally as a whole class to ‘whittle down’ a list of vocabulary words that are most important to understanding the topic being studied. This final list is then used to compose a summary of the topic.

  8. …and the SOS Award goes to….

    Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.20.41 AM

    A few years ago, DEN STAR Susan Bowdoin from Albuquerque, New Mexico, cornered me after a presentation and said “You really need to start posting all of these strategies somewhere.”  I’m pretty sure I smiled and agreed that it was a great idea.  I had heard this request before, but Susan didn’t give up.  After […]

  9. SOS featured in ALL NEW Interactive Training


    Did you hear the news?  Discovery Education is now featuring 5 Interactive Training courses that allow you to learn ways to maximize your experience and the SOS are embedded within. Check out the “Digital Integration” course to learn ways to integrate video, images, audio files, and additional resources founded within DE.  Here are some of […]

  10. SOS: Social Media Frenzy


    This week, we are thrilled to reveal four more SOS vingettes that you can use this week with your staff. Since social media was all abuzz this weekend, we thought we’d build off the momentum with some winning strategies!     Instagram-in (video contributed by Diane Lefebvre of Alberta, Canada) Engaging students with a platform […]

  11. SOS: Special Announcement


    For those who have come fans of our Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) series, we have a special announcement!  Based on your requests, our community is now creating video vignettes of each SOS.  These segments can be shared during staff development and contain the big idea, instructional ingredients, a specific example, summary, and extensions! In the […]

  12. SOS: The Question Is…


    “Informative assessment isn’t an end in itself, but the beginning of better instruction.” – Carol Ann Tomlinson

    Formative assessment can help teachers better understand what students have learned as they progress through a unit of study. As a result, it’s important to find creative, effective, and efficient ways to incorporate ongoing formative assessment. This strategy provides data that can used to guide instruction and intervention.

  13. SOS: Idea Share


    Students of all ages need opportunities to learn from one another, share ideas, analyze and synthesize information presented in a variety of formats, and provide constructive feedback to one another. (The Partnership for 21st Century Skills and the Common Core State Standards Anchor Standards) The I.D.E.A. Share strategy provides a framework that helps students accomplish these things in a positive and supportive way. The strategy was specifically designed to help students look at and learn from student-created Discovery Boards but could be easily adapted to fit a variety of other learning situations.

  14. SOS: ABC Summary


    Summarizing requires that students distill information in a concise, synthesized form and focus on the important points presented in a text (Marzano, 2001). This strategy involves students sharing the responsibility for summarizing content. After watching a video, each student develops a summary statement beginning with a unique letter of the alphabet and then shares out to the whole group. The individual summaries can be compiled into one final product.

  15. SOS: Equations of Understanding


    “Synthesizing is the process of combining parts of wholes to make a brand new whole (Functional Teaching). It’s the ultimate goal of teaching and learning, the art and craft of taking information in order to create an equation that helps students better understand the world in which they leave. This SOS will allow students to take information in the form of pictures and create an equation that creates an outcome.

  16. SOS: The Envelope Please

    Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.13.32 PM

    Groups of students are presented with envelopes with a list of three to five statements written on the outside. They are guided to have a group discussion about the information on the outside of the envelope with the goal of predicting the overarching topic or theme. When the teacher announces, “The envelope, please” the students open the envelope to discover the accuracy their prediction.

  17. SOS: What Did They Say?!?

    Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.43.52 PM

    If you ask a student what it takes to do well in social studies, they may likely say a good memory. Historians disagree. It’s much more than that. “To historians, history is an argument about what facts should or shouldn’t mean. Even when historians are able to piece together the basic story of what happened, they rarely agree about what an event means or what caused it. Historians argue about the past’s meaning and what it has to tell us in the present” (Thinking Like a Historian- Wineburg) How do we help change students’ perspective? We do that by putting them in the picture.

  18. DENapalooza Greensboro: Top Five “Spotlight on Strategies”

    There are so many great instructional strategies shared through our SOS series that it’s hard to find time to review them all.  So, a group of amazing teachers at #DENapalooza Greensboro did it for you.  Here are their top five SOS that you simply have to check out for yourself. Three Truths, One Lie What […]

  19. SOS: Put On Your Thinking Hat

    Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 3.31.16 PM

    “’Six Thinking Hats’ is an important and powerful technique. It is used to look at decisions from a number of important perspectives. This forces you to move outside your habitual thinking style, and helps you to get a more rounded view of a situation.” (Mind Tools) To prepare yourself and your students for this activity, use resources like these graphic organizers to understand what each hat represents. For more information about this strategy, research “6 Thinking Hats.”

  20. Put some ZAPtion in those lessons!

    According to eSchool News, “Screen time remains a hot-button issue, but classifying technology use guidelines to include active versus passive use, and how the technology is used, could help redefine traditional screen time guidelines…” At nearly every event our Discovery Education uses our Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) to share ways in which educators can transform […]

  21. SOS: Paperchat with a POW!

    Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.12.02 PM

    When educators send me emails sharing how they utilize the SOS in their classrooms or with their colleagues, my heart just soars.  You can only imagine my glee when I received an email from DEN STAR and Ambassador Cindy Taylor, ELA Specialist at Eldersburg Elementary in Carroll County Public Schools, asking if she had permission […]

  22. DE Summer School: SOS- Tweet! Tweet!

    The “Tweet, Tweet” strategy incorporates a Twitter format with students developing hashtags based on what they inferred about the Sherpa culture from the text they had read and their own personal connections. Students wrote 140 character posts and replies, which reinforced the lesson’s goals of writing concisely and deliberately, and then selected favorites to “retweet.” So the lesson would have more of an impact on the kinesthetic learners, I included a gallery walk for students to reply to the student posts. “Tweet, Tweet” greatly enhanced the discussion about Sherpa culture and provided an environment in which students benefited from each other’s feedback.

  23. DE Summer School: SOS- Four-to-One

    This is a fun, creative, and easy to implement instructional strategy. I used this strategy with my English Learner (EL) and intervention students. Although I’m not a classroom teacher, I support classroom teachers as their principal/instructional leader by helping to re-mediate small groups at various grade levels. I use the PhotoGrid app to merge images found on Discovery. If technology fails, then feel free to use any four images you’d like from flashcards or magazines. This strategy allows students to make connections using the four pictures. The end product is a complete sentence that incorporates the four images.

  24. DE Summer School: SOS- Shake It Up Baby

    I decided to try the strategy out with at 4th grade class. I introduced the project to students, using a lot of student sample videos and explaining to them exactly what was expected of them. I asked them to partner up, find any song on Discovery Education that had lyrics, study the lyrics and make any kind of video to express the lyrics. I let students use my ipad to play the song from discovery and video cameras to film their songs.

  25. DE Summer School: SOS- Blurt Out!

    “Games are architectures for engagement…” – Steinkuehler. They allow us to meet a variety of learning styles in a manner that is most engaging to students. Blurt is a board game made my Mattel in 1999. This strategy enables students to share their knowledge individually or as a team by blurting out their answer. Blurt-Out! works well as a review game at the end of a unit.