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Pearl Harbor

Lively Lessons: Pearl Harbor

Lively Lessons: Pearl Harbor

Students construct a journal entry for the day before, they day of, and the day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


SOS Celebrates With DE through 25 (or more) Things You Didn’t Know…

Tis’ the season to spend time in thankful reflection of the people, places, things, and events that mean the most. Every day in my Facebook and Twitter feeds I see stories, images, and the faces of our community members which continually reminds me, how blessed I am to work along side each of you. I


Lively Lesson: Frontloading for Racing Extinction

Join us live from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo on November 18 at 1 PM ET for the Racing Extinction Virtual Field Trip to learn why most biologists believe one-half of Earth’s higher life forms will be extinct by 2100, why it’s important to address this loss of biodiversity, and what can be done to prevent


SOS: Take A Walk

A study by Stanford University says that creative thinking improves while a person is walking and shortly thereafter. Creativity levels are consistently higher for those walking compared to those sitting. When students can walk and talk about content, there is a greater chance of long-term retention and higher-order thinking. The Take a Walk strategy gets your students moving as they discuss and debrief content from a lesson.


SOS: Collage

“Making predictions activates students’ prior knowledge about the text and helps them make connections between new information and what they already know.” (Teacher Vision) Additionally, when students make predictions they become engaged and invested in the material; they are excited and eager to see if they are right. Collage introduces a new concept to students in a way that will allow them to maintain engagement as they track predictions throughout a unit. It also provides the teacher an opportunity to monitor learning.


Spotlight on Strategies Bulletin Board

We love seeing examples of how educators are sharing Discovery Education resources with others. Recently on the DEN Friends Facebook page, educator Heather Hurley shared a bulletin board she created to share the Spotlight on Strategies resources with her school staff. Heather shared “I’m always looking for new ways to bring engaging activities to my


SOS: Whip Around

“Students will raise their level of attention if there is a moderate chance they will be called upon” (Marzano). When responding to questions, students can be cognitively engaged when they have opportunities to generate their own ideas or add to another student’s contribution. The Whip Around is an effective and efficient way for all students to participate and can be used to introduce concepts or formatively assess students’ understanding.


SOS: It’s In The Bag

The ability to infer allows students to make predictions. When the process is scaffolded for students, it’s easy for them to see that the method of inferring is really the process of merging background knowledge with an evidence-based deduction. In his book, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (2005), Malcolm Gladwell reminds us that this thinking is “an ability that we can all cultivate.”


SOS: Gone Fishin’

The Gone Fishin’ strategy is a way to showcase model behaviors in any subject with any grade level. This strategy works particularly well with a subject matter that lends itself to different perspectives or sides of an argument. When students use this strategy, they learn how to present their feelings and opinions in a respectful matter, while simultaneously providing evidence of their thinking.