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SOS: Save the Last Word for Me

SOS: Save the Last Word for Me

Save the Last Word for Me is a discussion strategy that requires all students to participate as active speakers and listeners. Its clearly de?ned structure helps shy students share their ideas and ensures that frequent speakers practice being quiet. It can be used as a way to help students debrief a video or reading passage.


SOS: Let’s Roll

Fountas and Pinnell state “the reader constructs unique meaning through integrating background knowledge, emotions, attitudes, and expectations with the meaning the writer expresses.” In this strategy, after reading a selection, students will discuss the topic in a small group. This strategy will assist students in connecting what they have read to what they already know. By providing students the opportunity to discuss the selection with their peers, teachers help students form a deeper understanding of the text.


SOS: Read the Signs

The National Reading Council recommends that students receive explicit instruction in the application of multi-strategy methods, because they are highly effective in enhancing understanding. This strategy gets students engaged in using the meanings and colors of road signs to synthesize what they learned from a particular video. Students then explain their understanding by creating PowerPoint or Google Slide presentations from the templates provided.


SOS: You Can Quote Me On That

Students are often more engaged in a text if they know something about the content or context. This is especially true when the text is delivered via audio, as with a speech or story. This strategy introduces students to printed quotes from a speech before they listen to the entire audio version, allowing them to build familiarity with the content first.

Kathy's Katch

March 2016: Tools for the SOS (part 2 of 2)

As I wrote about in the February 2016 issue of Kathy’s Katch, the Spotlight on Strategies Series (SOS), located on the Discovery Education site, includes a wealth of pedagogical and practical strategies for the use of the digital resources from Discovery Education in the classroom. Each weekly strategy is different– some are for introducing a topic, others target