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What is a STEM Career? Explore with our upcoming STEMChat!

What is a STEM Career? Explore with our upcoming STEMChat!

Jonathan Gerlach | National Consultant for STEM Education Initiatives According to the United States Department of Labor, Sixty-five percent of today’s students will eventually be employed in jobs that have yet to be created. What does this mean for preparing them now? A huge focus as a nation has been on the top tier STEM


Designing Sports Safety Equipment STEM Lab

This week during Community STEM, our STEM Challenge involves choosing your favorite sport and designing or redesigning a piece of safety equipment. You must provide evidence of the need for such equipment, develop a prototype, and defend the costs involved. Develop an ad or commercial selling your product. You may work alone or with partners. Some Examples:


The Billy Goats Build a Raft!

This week on Community STEM we will combine a STEM activity with a classic fairy tale. That troll is up to his old tricks again.  He insists that the Billy Goats cannot cross over his bridge. After a brief conversation, the Billy Goats decide that they wouldn’t be breaking the rules if they build a raft to cross the stream. Your task


The Camping Trip Egg Drop

Every week we are sharing another great STEM activity that will inspire teachers and students. This week we will combine a fun family event with an old classic, “The Egg Drop.” This exciting challenge  will be introduced by DEN Star, Kim Miller, from Boise, Idaho. Students will be asked to design a contraption that will