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Bringing New Teaching Strategies to Life in Des Plaines 62

Bringing New Teaching Strategies to Life in Des Plaines 62

What do you think it means to introduce a digital curriculum into the classroom? Many people feel that simply making tablets or computers available for students to use is enough when it comes to using digital resources for learning. It’s true that computer and Internet accessibility is vitally important to students. However, to truly see


Two Great Promotions for DEN STARs

If you’re a DEN STAR, have you taken advantage of our exclusive promotions that are available to you? We sure hope you have, but if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Perhaps you need more information. Read on. One offer, from our friends at 3M provides the Discovery Education Science Techbook to all STAR


Mousey Monday – Global Wrap

                        Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers!! Mousey wanted to bring to your attention Discovery Education’s weekly series Global Wrap. Global Wrap is a weekly roundup of the major news reports occurring throughout the world. The series provides an engaging overview


Flipping professional development

I was recently invited to attend an in-service that I was really interested in. The presenter was “the expert” in the topic. Little did I know I was really entering in-service “he double hockey sticks”. I was in for a 3 hour lecture on Understanding by Design. The presenter was so knowledgeable and charismatic the lecture was bearable