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  1. On this day… Boston Massacre


    On this day in 1770, British soldiers fired into a group of colonial patriots in what is known as the “Boston Massacre.” Five civilians lost their lives in what is considered to be a critical incident leading up to the Revolutionary War. The colonials had grown tired of the British occupation and taxation in the American […]

  2. My Favorite Things: Liberty’s Kids

    If you are a teacher in grades 4-8 and you teach about the American Revolution, you should be using Liberty’s Kids, an excellent television series from PBS. This 40-episode series tracks the events leading up to the Revolution, documents the causes, provides cultural context, introduces important historical figures, and extends through the Second Continental Congress. […]

  3. New Mexico Educators: Experience the Excitement Sat. Nov. 2

    As part of our commitment to transforming teaching and learning, Discovery Education invites you to a free, local learning and development opportunity, designed specifically for New Mexico classroom teachers, administrators, and support staff. This unique day of professional development will highlight creative ways to deliver world-class content and effective ways to evaluate student progress in […]

  4. Mousey Monday


    Happy Mousey Monday from Cache and Cookies! Professor Mousey wants to bring to your attention the different Media Streaming Settings available to you under your Discovery Education account. The streaming settings can be changed by selecting the pinwheel icon at the bottom right corner of the video.   Once you have selected the pinwheel, the […]

  5. Help Rename the DE Streaming Theme Pages

    Since launching theme pages on DE Streaming, we’ve received requests to find a more descriptive, appropriate name for them. The name “theme page” conveys the idea of a collection of content assets focused on a particular topic. However, many people thought that the name fell short in describing the value that the pages offer teachers. […]

  6. Virtual Conference Archives posted!

    Six hours worth of fantastic professional development have now been converted and posted!  You’ll find sessions from Gail Lovely, Hall Davidson, Kyle Schutt, Porter Palmer, Whitney Mihoulidies, and Steve Dembo, all available for viewing online or download. Did you attend the Virtual Conference?  If so, share a highlight or two from the event in the […]