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  1. DEN Teacher Appreciation Week Recap


    We hope you enjoyed DEN Teacher Appreciation Week last week.  We say it over and over again how proud we are of the educators in the DEN and how thrilled we are to have our STAR Discovery Educators sharing and connecting with each other as much as they do.  Last week, we had special gifts […]

  2. Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 5


    We are nearing the official end of DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.  You’re probably a little sad knowing the love you’ve been getting from the DEN is winding down, but don’t fret, it’s Friday!  It’s the day of the week many people look forward to beginning every Monday.  We’ve been looking forward to today as well, […]

  3. The #whyiteach Movement


    Our friends at Planboard, who have generously provided today’s DEN Teacher Appreciation Week gift, have created the #whyiteach movement.  Below the video is a story written by Planboard Co-Founder Suraj Srinivas, explaining the reasons behind this awesome movement. Watch the video, visit the #whyiteach movement website, and contribute your thoughts and ideas. We’d love to […]

  4. Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 4


    We are going double duty today, the 4th day of DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.  That’s right, we have two opportunities for you on this fourth day of DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.  Keep reading for more information on gifts from two friends of the DEN. ************************************************************************* Gift #1 comes from Tech4Learning.  Thanks to their generosity, every […]

  5. DEN Teacher Appreciation Day


    Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! We are so proud of the DEN Community. We know how hard everyone works and we appreciate the things you do for your students and each other. Today, we’re going to give you two special treats just to say thank you.   Discovery Channel is premiering its newest amazing program, North America, later this month.  We have […]

  6. Teacher Appreciation Week! Day 1


    It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and the DEN is in the giving spirit.  We know you work hard and are doing a lot for your students so we’re going to provide all STAR Discovery Educators with a fun gift every day this week.  Our first gift to you, a STAR Discovery Educator, comes from our friends […]

  7. DEN Teacher Appreciation Week is Coming


    DEN Teacher Appreciation Week begins Monday, May 6 and runs throughout the week.  We have a lot of great stuff planned, kicked off by a Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson Monday evening.  We have extra special gifts daily for our STAR Discovery Educators.  Our STAR Discovery Educators will receive an email each morning this week […]