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  1. DEN PreCon 2011 Resources: Concurrent Sessions and Lunch & Learn

    If you missed some of the concurrent sessions or the Lunch and Learn breakout sessions, our new Regional Coordinator, Cynthia Brown, collected resources I am sharing here. In addition, Patti Duncan created Edmodo codes for each session, so I culled the resources from the Lunch & Learn sharing sessions. Sit back and relax as you […]

  2. Definition of Terms: Digital Storytelling

    One of the big buzz terms of the last few years has been “Digital Storytelling.” Teachers of all grades want to integrate digital storytelling into their curriculum to enhance student learning.  This has the added benefit of being fun and creating a pretty impressive final product  that can be published and viewed anywhere. You can’t […]

  3. Google Chrome- or How many posts can I write about browsers?

    After recent posts about Firefox capabilities and tricks, as well as Microsoft’s latestversion of Internet Explorer, I thought it would be appropriate to provide a link to Google’s latest venture into the browser world. Check out “Google Chrome” here. They have some nifty new features not found in other browsers, like the ability to add […]

  4. Get Your Own Site

    This past February Google released a great new tool for educators, students, business’s and all around website needing folks. This new creation is Google Sites. Google Sites claims it fills the need of sharing a group website, which seems to be part wiki, part blog and part modular website. I found Sites to be pretty […]

  5. Latest Google Docs features

    If you are using Google Docs (and Spreadsheets and Presentations…) you’ll be happy to hear about some of their latest changes and additions.  Some of the cool ones are the ability to create forms and have people fill them out.  Then when they are updated you can view the data in your aggregator.  Some people […]

  6. Zamzar…again

    While these tools are great, please, please, check with your district’s/school’s teacher acceptable use policy before using them. Many districts block certain sites for many reasons. We don’t want any teachers “in trouble” for going around the system…. ~DEN Management I’ve had a lot of success using the online file conversion tool, Zamzar. I’ve used […]

  7. Enjoy the Ambiance

    I teach elementary school (there, I said it. Please don’t judge me ) In my classroom, I like to use quiet music in the background when students are working. I know a lot of teachers find the value in a peaceful work environment and students working quietly to the sound of Enya (or something else […]

  8. Cast Away!

    You likely know what a podcast is, but do you know what a screencast is?  How about a sketchcast?  I’ve been using screencasts as tutorials and marketing elements for quite some time now. A screencast is essentially a video of what a user sees on his or her computer monitor, complete with mouse trails, text […]

  9. Have It Your Way!

    Have It Your Way! As we get deeper into the digital world, we find ourselves using all kinds of digital media.  For better or worse, the media formats we use are getting more and more broad with every new technology that emerges.  Sometimes,we need to convert an Open Office document to a Word doc or […]

  10. IM able to do more now!

    I can remember many moons ago, way back when I was getting my BA…All the fun of communicating with my friends through instant messaging (IM).  Back then, almost everyone used AOL IM, whether you had AOL or not.  It was free and you could communicate with anyone else who was online, quickly and easily.  I’m […]

  11. Touche for Toufee

    Flash animation is one of the fun new media tools that has made the internet more engaging. Flash has applications in storytelling (click on the small town on the horizon), mindless games and even the news.  But if you’ve ever tried to learn Flash you know the learning curve is steep. However, thanks to a […]

  12. Do you ToonDoo?

    If you haven’t tried the online office suite, Zoho, you’ve been missing out. While Google Docs and Spreadsheets and Think Free are great tools, Zoho usually ranks at least as good or better according to reviews in many major magazines/websites.   Anyway the good folks over at Zoho got their creative juices flowing again and came up […]

  13. Presentations, presentations…

    By now, I think most of us are familiar with the process of turning PowerPoint slides into jpeg images to insert into a Photostory3 project. If not, search that under the DEN resources. It’s really simple and effective (essentially saving your PowerPoint in the “save as” box as jpeg file interchange). Here is one that […]

  14. Open Office

    Another Great Post about Free Tech Tools for Teachers from Guest Blogger Dave Kootman… Microsoft continues its domination of the office and the school with its flagship productivity suite, Microsoft Office.  We’ve all used it; odds are it’s installed on your computer right now.  It certainly gets the job done, but for $150-500, it can […]

  15. Capture it with 2020

    Brought to you by guest blogger: Dave Kootman I would like to share with you some great software that you can use both at home and at school.  I will be reviewing different software that will make your life easier as a teacher and a computer user.  The best thing about all the software I […]