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  1. Level out your podcasts

    Brian Bartel Dale Basler shares a great podcasting tip on his blog. I just found out about a new tool called The Levelator from GigaVox Media. This free tool levels out the audio automatically. The quiet gets louder, the loud gets quieter—all in mere seconds with The Levelator. If you vist the post, he has […]

  2. Give social networking a try with Facebook

    After reading a post by Kathy Schrock about trying out Facebok,  I decided to give it a whirl myself.  I had thought that it was only available to high school and college students and teachers, but I was surprised to find that they have over 1,000 work networks registered as well, Discovery being one of […]

  3. The Art of Commenting

    CoolCatTeacher shares a post about how and why to comment on blogs that I think is a must read for every fledgling blog reader and author.  Commenting has truly been the fuel that has fired readership for my blog and opportunity for me. It is also part of being a responsible blogger in general. If […]

  4. Back to school tips from the Implementation team

    We’d like to welcome the Implementation team to our expanding network of Discovery Education blogs!  What can you expect to see on the blog? You will see posts from your favorite Implementation representatives, as well as from your peers.  Look for posts from fellow educators, and district media and technology specialists detailing their experiences with […]

  5. Free video editing with ZS4

    While researching some green-screen options for somebody in our training department, I stumbled across a free video editor that I’d never heard of called ZS4 Video Editor.  It runs on Windows, OSX and even Linux!  Astonishingly, it has over 150 built in video effects.  From their website: ZS4 Video Editor is worth using when… the […]

  6. Playing WMV files on an Intel Mac

    If you’re school was lucky enough to get any of those shiny new Intel Mac’s, then you may already be aware of the issue they have with Windows Media Videos.  Out of the box, WMV files can’t be played on Intel Macs running OSX.  While you could use bootcamp to load up Windows and play […]

  7. Discovery to go

    Love Discovery content, but dont’ have time to sit around and watch it?  Take it to go!  Discovery has just launched in the US a new service for cell phones and mobile devices, Discovery Mobile. Just type in "discoverymobile.com" into your phones browser and you’ll have instant access to ringtones, wallpapers, podcasts and information about […]

  8. Let Ten Thousand URL’s Bloom

    The power of community is felt in shared resources.  We are collecting the best teaching and learning web sites.  Thank you if you have sent us your favorite sites. We have nearly two thousand now— but we want more! A quick search for education resources shows nearly two billion sites they are out there.  If […]

  9. The MegaVCR Handouts from NECC

    As promised, here are the handouts from the MegaVCR -Media and More in Your Pocket session done by me at NECC 2006. This is a pdf of the PowerPoint.  It basically explains how to download videos, including —and especially–videos from unitedstreaming.  It also explains how to put PowerPoints onto the iPod and how to embed […]

  10. Mobile Filmaking – No camcorder? No problem!

    Discovery Networks Asia are sponsoring a Mobile Film contest open to residents of Australia,  Hong Kong, the Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand, India, New Zealand and a few other countries in that area.  It’s pretty similar in format to the CellFlix Festival that Ithaca College hosted.  All the footage has to be filmed using your mobile phone.  […]

  11. A Del.icio.us way to surf

    Many of you are already familiar with the social bookmarking site known as del.icio.us, but for those of you that aren’t you should set aside some time to explore it. It’s primary purpose is to provide you an online solution to store your bookmarks and favorites.  So if you use one computer at school and […]

  12. Host your own webinar with Vyew

    While we’re on the subject of webinars: Here at Discovery Education we make extensive use of webinars and video conferences.  Every week we’ve had a live video conference with our Discovery Educator Abroad and there are webinars going on daily that train people in different ways to enhance their usage of unitedstreaming (you need to […]

  13. Quick, easy and FREE podcasting

    Huge kudos to John Blake for pointing out this one out to me. GCast.com is a sister site to GarageBand.com, which has long been known for being a great source for ‘pod safe’ music.  GCast is similar to Audioblogger.com but has some great features that give it the nod in my book. First of all, […]

  14. Join me for the next EdTechConnect

    It’s just a few days until the next EdTechConnect and in case you haven’t already heard, I’m going to be this months speaker!   If you don’t know what it is, EdTechConnect is a series of live webinars featuring some really prominent people in the field of Education Technology.  In the past few months, the list […]

  15. Windows on your Mac? Apple makes it happen!

    Via Kim Lim: It’s official.  Windows XP is now completely supported on the new Intel Macs.  If you listen closely, you can hear the crowd in the street outside cheering.  Yes, this means you can have all the style of a Mac, the simplicity of a Mac, the wonderful integration of the iLife suite, and […]

  16. Quick and easy polls for your website

    Link: The Tech Savvy Educator ? Blog Archive ? Poll your students online, for free!. Ben at the Tech Savvy Educator has shared a great tool for getting student feedback quickly and easily through your website or blog.  The site is called Blogpoll. [You could] use Blogpoll as a tool to focus students on what […]

  17. I Cosmeo, I Can

    Think digital media has helped your students learn?  Then you’re going to love the latest from Discovery Education! Today Discovery launched Cosmeo, (formerly known as Discovery Learning Connection), a website with over 30,000 videos and a wide variety of educational activities for students.  Content is tailored to match state curriculum standards as well!  Think unitedstreaming, […]

  18. Toyapalooza with Kathy Schrock

    I’m a pretty big gadget freak.  If it’s shiny and has a battery in it, I’ve probably owned it or a variation of it at some point or another.  From the Palm to the Pocket PC, Archos Jukebox to iPod, I thought I’d tried them all. During yesterdays Ed-Tech Connect webinar with Kathy Schrock I […]

  19. Discovery Education is all about the podcasting

    If you have even a remote interest in podcasting and education, you have to read the article  Students and Teachers, From K to 12, Hit the Podcasts from the New York Times.  Not only does it feature Discovery Educator Jeanne Halderson, recently feature on the Wisconsin DEN blog, but it also features Kathy Schrock, a […]

  20. Video editing without XP?

    Since the DEN team is so involved with Digital Media, I try to share new resources as I find them.  Today I found Avid FREE DV, a free version of the Avid video editor, available for both XP and OSX.  A few minutes after sending out that email, I got a message from Chris Marshall […]

  21. Millions of ‘free’ photos

    Ok, I admit it.  There have been a few times that I’ve been in a pinch and needed an image for a presentation quickly.  In the past, I’ve gone to Google Images, did a quick search and just grabbed one that seemed to fit my needs.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t have done it.  […]

  22. Teaching with the Tools of the New Generation

    Research Kaiser Foundation Report – Generation M: Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year Olds Pew Internet & American Life Project Education tool a phone call away – Technology – theage.com.au eSchool News online – Youths use cell phones as mini-PCs New Study Recasts Cell Phones as Effective Teaching Tool Every One Learns – Pedagogy, […]

  23. Windows Media in Quicktime!

    If you’re a Mac user, here’s a plugin for Quicktime that you’re going have to grab.  Flip4Mac has developed a way for you to watch Windows Media files (.wma and .wmv) right from your Quicktime window.  I know from my years as a tech director, I was constantly installing Windows Media player for people who […]

  24. MacWorld Handouts!

    I’m here at MacWorld with a great crowd of people including David Warlick, Mike Lawrence, Mike Morrison, and the DEN gang of Scott Kinney, Coni Rechner, Jannita Demian, and many other teachers from the DEN.I wanted to post the handouts where everyone could have them!  These are lists of great sites where media resources can […]