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  1. Streamathon 2010

    Mark your calendar!   Next Tuesday, September 14, 2010, is the 5th annual Discovery Education Streamathon.   Community Manager Steve Dembo, Discovery Educator Network Directors Justin Karkow and Matt Monjan, have put together 10 hours of information-packed sessions that will provide strategies for integrating digital content into your curriculum.   Join Online any time from […]

  2. Science Fair Central

    Science Fair. Mutter those words to students and they will either jump for joy or groan. Mention the words to parents and they often will groan louder. Somehow over the years science fair has gotten a bad name. Could it be that students are expected to conduct an experiment at home with little time spent […]

  3. Let's Build Something Together – Writing Prompt Builder

    Ok so here we are on Friday and, as promised, here is the third of three postings on The Builders (Assignment, Quiz and Writing Prompt). Today we’re going to tackle the Writing Prompt Builder. The Writing Prompt Builder is a tool that allows you to tie together any image that you find on unitedstreaming with […]

  4. Let's Build Something Together – Quiz Builder

    True or False – within unitedstreaming you can find three great tools to help you integrate technology into the classroom? True of course!  Way to go you passed the Pop Quiz! And speaking of Pop Quizzes – let’s dive a little deeper into unitedstreaming’s Quiz Builder. The Quiz Builder is a tool that allows you […]

  5. Let's Build Something Together – Assignment Builder

    As you all know by now unitedstreaming is much more than a video library.  It is also full of tools and applications that you can use in the classroom. This week we’re going to tackle three of those tools, the Assignment Builder, the Quiz Builder, and the Writing Prompt Builder. Let’s start by saying right […]

  6. ToonDoo

    I posted this on my personal blog and wanted to share it with all my DEN friends as well. It never fails, after I click publish something REALLY COOL comes up. Again, thanks to Tech Crunch for showing this off. As described on their website, “ToonDoo is a wacky way to get creative with comics. […]

  7. Tuesday's Tips and Tricks

    Have you ever wondered how to increase the size of the close captioning text when viewing it full screen?  This tip comes to us via Jeff Smith at the Erie County Technical School in Pennsylvania. Increasing the Close Caption Text SizeWhen using closed captioning, the text may not be as large as you would like […]

  8. Implementation

    There is a very important team in Bethesda, MD that works with our teachers and tech coordinators to help make sure that unitedstreaming is running smoothly and to answer any questions. They have helped me in more ways than I can count and are just awesome! They are the ones who put together those GREAT […]

  9. Calendar & Events

    As you discover new things to do with unitedstreaming with the DEN, we encourage you to go back and educate others in your school. The use of the calendar on the Discovery Educator Network website is a great way to announce any events that you have coming up. For instance, we have a Digital Storytelling […]

  10. Constitution Day

    I recently did a post about Constitution Day coming up and did a call for resources. Well, in the blog comments recently there was a question if anyone had any great resources for Consitution Day. So I went back to see if anyone posted anything. There are quite a few resources on the DEN site, […]

  11. Reporting Events

    Each week Discovery Educators are asked to report any events. These events are then added to my spreadsheet and sent to my boss. Your events show that your an active member of DEN. I also believe that if you’re an active member holding these "events" then you are sharing and making use of what you’ve […]

  12. Peace of Mind

    Things that happen everyday have a factor in your peace of mind. External influences contribute to our thoughts and actions, how we behave, what we feel. In the past few weeks we have dealt with the anniversary of Katrina, the death of Steve Irwin, and then today is the five year anniversary of 9/11. If […]

  13. Resources

    I mentioned a few "blabbers" ago that Pasco County was joining us with unitedstreaming. Courtenay OConnell is so ready to start and can’t wait to join DEN! She’s been emailing me and asking all sorts of great questions. I love her passion! One of the questions that she recently asked was "I’ve been looking at […]

  14. Survivor Tip #21

    Google Earth and Atlas I am geographically challenged. Jannita in California can account for this. The poor DEN members that had to ride in the car with me in Atlanta know this. I rely heavily on my Garmin. It’s the best technology gadget I think I’ve ever bought. My poor ipod has sat uncharged since […]

  15. Survivor Tip #20

    How many of you make use of the resources on the Discovery Educator Network website? If you download one, do you upload one to share with others? The resources found on the DEN website are YOUR resources, created by DEN Members for DEN Members. You can show activity by uploading resources to share with your […]

  16. Survivor Tip #19

    Kathleen McCarron, a Superstar from Leon County, has a great tip to share that deals directly with a new feature of unitedstreaming. How many of you noticed that we no longer have "Playlists" but rather "My Content", which allows you to bookmark Writing Prompts, Videos, Images, and everything else in unitedstreaming? Well Kathleen has found […]

  17. Survivor Tip #15, #16, #17, #18

    Tips to help you get through the weekend. I’m off for Wanna Do City and South Florida DEN. #15: From Tom Turner in Polk County: Don’t just read Danielle’s blog, check out other blogs too! Jannita from Southern California has posted a really cool writing excercise for science.  Susan’s from Northern California is always great. […]

  18. Survivor Tip #14

    I’ve been in your shoes. I was at schools where I couldn’t access the blog to post anything. So we’re behind. Sorry! This is from Cheryl Woolwine in Putnam County. She’s a superstar at sharing ideas with her teachers and turning in events. She won a 1 Gig drive for having the most reported events […]

  19. Survivor Tip #13

    This tip is actually from a number of DEN Members and our all important Implementation Team. I’ve been to several schools or have received emails from DEN Members in awe of what Matt, Brian,  and Christina have sent them. Kathy Bunch from Polk County was very enthusiastic about the posters and can’t wait to share […]

  20. Survivor Tip #12

    Mary Cox from Leon County – you rock! I was cc’d on an email that she sent out to her teachers and want to share with you some highlights from it. First, it’s mandatory for all teachers in Leon County to sign up for their username and password for unitedstreaming. Of course, once you sign […]

  21. Survivor Tip #11: WAY BACK!

    Don’t worry, we’re not going to teach you a new dance (I can’t dance) or even ask you to do the limbo. We’re just going to share the tip of the day that is going to take you way back on the oh so young Internet. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Leon […]

  22. Survivor Tip #10

    This tip is an extension of Polk County’s Virginia Richard’s tip on the use of Interactive Training. This week I’m in Union County training teachers on unitedstreaming and Discovery Health Connection. This county is a dream for teachers when it comes to technology! Their Technology Director, Scott Woodall, really works with the teachers in providing […]

  23. Survivor Tip #9

    Hardworking Jenny Beyer from Leon County has created a great tip sheet to share with her teachers. She sent me the tips to pull from and share with those reading the blog. Downloading videos: Create a folder on your desktop titled "unitedstreaming" and save all videos there. You can do this by clicking on the […]