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  1. Survivor Tip #8 and Invitation

    Nancy Pegg is one of our fantastic Discovery Educator Network Members from Middleton Burney Elementary in Putnam County. She’s actually in the Bass Capital of the World – which made it a very tempting place for relocation. This summer she sat in on a one day session on Digital Storytelling and decided to sahre some […]

  2. Survivor Tip #6

    Tom Turner from Polk brings you another tip, this time dealing with the new feature: Writing Prompt Builder. Using the Writing Prompt Builder, create a prompt that suits your particular curriculum (and is FCAT friendly) that you can use over and over. Use them to build writing skills through reflection and critical thinking. Save them, […]

  3. Survivor Tip #5

    Tom Turner from Polk County is a great advocate for Discovery Educator Network and unitedstreaming. As a middle school classroom teacher, Tom’s not the school’s trainer. However, he has been turning in events, sharing projects, blogging, and so forth. He’s always a joy to have at any event, and is quick to jump in and […]

  4. We break our normal program…..

    I know, we’re suppose to be doing the Survivor Tips, but I have some news I want to share. I’m taking over today. We’ll return to the tips tomorrow. WE COMPLETED THE RACE TO 500 events, and counting! On July 17, Christine Brink from Flagler County joined the DEN. To date she has turned in […]

  5. Survivor Tip #4

    We encourage training of unitedstreaming, whether it’s the basic training or the integration training. DEN members can order up to four training kits a year, earn prizes for events documented and so much more. There are times though that face to face training is just not possible. I’m betting that the beginning of the school […]

  6. Surviving Back to School with Discovery

    Tip #2 from Darlene Wolfe, Ocoee High School With many sources for free music and audio mixing, such as Audacity, as well as resources for inexpensive purchasing or free music and sound effects’ rights, more educators are making professional sounding podcasts and audio announcements for their classes. Since Audacity is free and so easy to […]

  7. Survivor Tip #1

    Surviving Tip #1 from David O’Neal in Hernando County. Do you have a Slower computer that gives you trouble when you are trying to Play (Stream) a video? If so I have the solution for you. Log into unitedstreaming. Once you have logged into unitedstreaming click on Preferences at the top of the screen. Then […]

  8. Surviving with Discovery

    Are you ready for the onslaught of children? Are your lesson plans prepared? Room fully decorated? (My favorite room decoration was my Michael Jordan poster, which I plan to hang in my office next to the "Think Outside the Shell" poster from the unitedstreaming Poster Contest.) How many of you are preparing training events for […]

  9. JAWS!

    Well it begins. Today is the start of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I’m learning to look at these things without cringing. For some they are misunderstood creatures of the sea. To me – they are ferocious animals. I don’t think I’ve misunderstood their abilities. I even took the quiz on Cosmeo  and have […]

  10. Blogging & Podcasting

    One of the benefits of being a Discovery Educator Network member is having access to create your own blog, linked to your profile at the Discovery Educator Network website. These blogs are a great way to get to know fellow DEN members before an event or to keep up with them after you’ve networked at […]

  11. Promo for Your Class!

    Great tip from Kirk in Putnam County! Do a digital story promo on your subject area. Today in Digital Storytelling Class he started a great project that will entice his students to be interested in what he plans to teach this coming year. He used videos from unitedstreaming, will be adding some great sound and […]

  12. Shopping Trip Tips!

    Yesterday my son and I went to his favorite store that sells a lot of shark stuff – the Discovery Channel Store in Orlando. I needed to buy the prize for those who turn in events during Shark Week (unitedstreaming or Discovery Health related) and I promised him a prize too. I learned some interesting […]

  13. Shark Week

    Back in February I had the pleasure of joining some Putnam educators for lunch at a place called Gator Landing. I was EXHAUSTED from PETE&C, a delayed plane and only 2 hours sleep before I had to head to Putnam. I was doing the best I could on little sleep and I think the conversation […]

  14. The New unitedstreaming's Writing Prompt Builder

      The New unitedstreaming has another tool in it’s arsenal.  Along with the Quiz Builder and the Assignment Builder, now there is the Writing Prompt Builder.  You can create your own original writing prompts with embedded images from the unitedstreaming image library or search for ones already made.  Create an entire library of writing prompts […]

  15. More Key Features and Functionality of the new unitedstreaming

    The new unitedstreaming will include innovative teacher tools, such as Assignment Builder and Quiz Center, allowing educators to select content for student access.  The new Writing Prompt Generator tool will work with any image in unitedstreaming allowing you to create your own writing prompts. Teacher-Managed Student AccessStudents will be able to access and explore teacher-selected […]

  16. Hurricane Season

    It’s official, hurricane season has officially started! I flipped through channels this morning listening to the various topics, ranging from how prepared are we really to how many named hurricanes will strike land. I decided to check out the resources we have at Next Generation unitedstreaming site by typing in "hurricane". The results were incredible! […]

  17. The Next Generation of unitedstreaming

    You have heard the news, haven’t you?  unitedstreaming is getting a serious upgrade in June! Via unitedstreaming.com/comingsoon/ Fully Customizable: Create your My Homepage for weekly video updates and personalized content based on subject and grade level. Innovative Tools: Improvements have been made to Assignment Builder, Quiz Center, and Writing Prompt Generator to support creation of […]

  18. Tip#22: Photoshop Elements – How to take Images to a New Level

    From Brad Fountain (Field Manager, NC/SC) Well this seems to be an appropriate follow-up to Rachel’s wonderful post about the image collection in unitedstreaming.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, Adobe Photoshop Elements is a software program that allows you to edit, organize, and add special effects to photos/images.  With schools continuing to use […]

  19. TimeLiner Possibilities

    TimeLiner software and unitedstreaming make a great team. As in Inspiration, the videos must be saved as Quick Time, but from there the possibilities are only limited to your imagination! One popular topic in Social Studies is the Civil War. To create a timeline, download the video clips from Civil War and then insert them […]