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  1. Do You Have The Time?

    Last year I was looking for a decent time-line program that was web based and came up with a few, but difficult options. This year there are several new winners in this field. The first one I want to share is xTimline.com . This worked as a nice alternative to the current presentation programs such […]

  2. DEN Webinar Series Announced!

    As you begin thinking about the upcoming school year and your professional development, check out the DEN Webinar Series running August 3 – August 27.  The sessions will include topics such as Digital Storytelling, School Leadership, Science and Web 2.0.  All of the DEN Summer School Webinars will begin at 11 AM ET. You can […]

  3. National Educational Technology Plan

    Now is the time for change and the National Educational Technology Plan is the place to start.  At NECC 2009, a collaboration event was created to gather “high impact, researched-based recommendations” from teachers and education professionals that would help drive the future of education and technology.  Today’s students need a plan to bring their education […]

  4. Common Craft Says It Visually

    Image via CrunchBase Can anyone keep up with Twitter? On a normal Twitter day, my PLN is always busy, but during NECC, well, the outage amps up and flies faster than double ground-strike lightning. From the folks at Common Craft collaborating with members of their Explainer Network, SayItVisually, comes a cool video, Skype Explained Visually. […]

  5. Nation's Oldest Student Media Festival

    Saturday, May 30, the nation’s old event celebrating student media and multimedia, the 43rd California Student Media & Multimedia Festival was held in two California locations.  As the host for 16 years, it was a renewing pleasure to see the fabulous work students and teachers are capable of.   In an era when high stakes […]

  6. Create Your Own Color Schemes

    I came across a pretty cool little application, pic2color. The application allows you to upload an image or paste the URL of an image to generate a color scheme with Hex codes. When you click on one of the colors generated by the image, the Hex code is displayed. This is a terrific design tool […]

  7. The Secret Life of the Brain

    As someone who really enjoyed Brain Rules, I can’t believe I missed the PBS mini-series, The Secret Life of the Brain. Here is the series description: THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BRAIN, a David Grubin Production, reveals the fascinating processes involved in brain development across a lifetime. The five-part series informs viewers of exciting new […]

  8. Time — Warped!

    Video, as we all know, offers instant access to student attention.  Video takes you across time, across boundaries, include microscopic and macroscopic boundaries.  But video can also slow time and bend it to reveal physical phenomenon laying under day to day experiences.  To see what I mean, visit the website for Discovery’s program Time Warp.  […]

  9. Fuse Your Social Networks with Fuser

    Cross-posted on Cliotech Image via CrunchBaseAs one who always struggles to manage a substantial digital persona with as little fuss as possible, Fuser is an absolute must. Like other social productivity applications, such as Ping.fm and AtomKeep, Fuser is now part of my online networking arsenal. Fuser is a service that manages your social networking […]

  10. SlideShare Plugin for PowerPoint 2007

    A colleague sent me an e-mail alerting me to a new ribbon plugin for Office 2007. The ribbon plugin was developed by SlideShare to allow users to interact with their SlideShare documents from within PowerPoint. SlideShare Ribbon Demo from slideshare on Vimeo. Click here to access downloading and installation instructions. Installing the SlideShare ribbon in […]

  11. New Animoto Features Announced

    Cross-posted in Cliotech Image via CrunchBaseAs if we needed another reason to love Animoto . . . Here are two product updates I just received from Animoto: 1. Image Pacing Control You can now dictate the speed of your images within any full-length video. Want to create a high-intensity action flick of your pics? Try […]

  12. Moby Dick for the Digital Learner

    Cross-posted on Cliotech Image by wolfgraebel via Flickr I had an opportunity to [virtually] meet the developer of a top-notch literature annotation website, Power Moby-Dick. Power Moby-Dick is a full-text annotation of Herman Melville‘s classic novel. The site also offers resources for students and teachers as well as a regular features on the book’s ongoing […]

  13. QuizEgg

    I had an opportunity to explore a new student assessment application, QuizEgg. QuizEgg is cross-platform web-based assessment creator. Here is a quick overview of the major features: Currently, there are six question types: multiple choice, true/false, multiple response, fill in the blank, word list, and essay (essay is the only option that is not automatically […]