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  1. Chris Dede: New Strategies for Educational Assessment

    Just in case you missed Discovery Education’s Kick Off of their EdTechConnect Webinar Series with Chris Dede, it will be available shortly at the DEN Archives. Modern interactive media (e.g., wikis, social tagging systems, multi-player games, augmented realities) allow capturing rich streams of data about student actions while learning. Analyzing this multi-dimensional data can provide […]

  2. H1N1 Webinar Archive Now Available!

    Reposted from DEN National Blog We had a fantastic turnout yesterday for our webinar about H1N1.  Over 10,000 students from around the globe participated!  In case you missed it, you can view the archived version on the Ready Classroom website. Just click on Make a Plan and select H1N1 Webcast.

  3. DEN Webinar Schedule

    The 2009-2010 DEN Webinar schedule is finally posted.  Come see all the great DEN Webinars, product demonstrations, Science Class, EdTechConnect and more!  The schedule is bound to have something for you.  Be sure to check it out.  The first one is this Tuesday, September 22nd.

  4. Summer Learning – Is it too late?

    If you follow the DEN National Blog, you could find this information here – but you might not, so I’m sharing it again with my Wisconsin friends and those in other places. This post was originally published by the spectacular Steve Dembo. Summer School Archives We’ve been busy converting and uploading all the archives from […]

  5. Summer School with the DEN

    It’s not too late to get involved with Summer School with the DEN.  There are still many great free webinars to enjoy. Tell a colleague, invite your principal and join us for Summer School with the DEN.  Enroll today at: http://community.discoveryeducation.com/webinar. All sessions begin at 11 AM ET. These sessions are recorded and the presentation […]

  6. Teach Africa Today

    The Explore Africa Today webinar began at 2 PM with a virtual audience, joined by the live-event exploration of Africa at 3 PM. During the hour’s preparatory session, Steve Dembo provided us links that provided background insights and preparatory information to enhance our experience when the live expedition begins in the Republic of Benin. Five […]

  7. The DENnies

    Join us for our final DEN webinar of the school year on May 26 at 7 PM ET. We will discuss all things DEN-related and unveil some very special awards to members of the DEN community in our first-ever DENnies Awards Ceremony. Register today!

  8. Mark Your Calendars for the NY DEN!

    Mark your calendars for the NY DEN events this week! Friday, October 24th – Come socialize at Panera Bread in Northvale, NJ. Why this Panera? It’s only 6 minutes away from Tech Forum Northeast if you’re attending.  269 Livingston Street, Northvale, NJ 07647.  Need more information about Tech Forum Northeast, visit http://www.techlearning.com/events/techforum/northeast08/. An exciting day […]

  9. Day of Discovery, May 14th 2008

    Join us for an engaging technology-infused professional development day focused on creative ways to use digital media in the classroom. Learn techniques to inspire your students and maximize the resources from Discovery Education streaming. The World is Just Awesome: Integrate it in Your Class! You will learn step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Discovery Education streaming  […]

  10. Second Life Webinar

    “Get a Life, a Second Life That Is!” is a webinar aimed at educators who would like to learn more about Second Life and how this virtual world can contribute to your PLN (Personal/Professional Learning Network).  Brand new to Second Life?  Join the WebEx!!!  Thinking about entering Second Life?  Join the WebEx!!!  Never heard of Second […]

  11. EdTechConnect with Daniel Pink

    EdTechConnect with Daniel Pink December 12th 7:00pm EST Daniel Pink, bestselling author of A WHOLE NEW MIND, will describe how three powerful economic forces are putting a premium on right-brain abilities in the workforce. He’ll describe the six artistic, empathic abilities that now matter most — and discuss how educators are beginning to surface and […]