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  1. DEN Diigo Group

    I created a Diigo group for the DEN. It will serve as a great place for us to aggregate all the cool applications, research, and other websites we learn about through DEN institutes, events, blogs, and webinars. http://groups.diigo.com/groups/discovery-educator-network If you are a Diigo user, please join the group to contribute. If you are not a […]

  2. A Thanksgiving Reflection

    As has been a ritual in my family for as long as I can remember, I would like to share some of the things for which I am thankful . . . Traditional Response: I am thankful for my wonderful husband – we just celebrated eight fabulous years of marriage on Nov. 20th. I am […]

  3. What is your social networking "Face"?

    It appears that 2007 is the year of Facebook, at least if you are a college grad who finds him/herself in the top three income brackets.    comScore, Inc. released some data about the demographics and usage of Facebook.  Business Week decided to delve into Facebook and MySpace usage following the June 24th publication of […]

  4. "Did You Know" the Sequel

    Many of you have either seen or heard others mention the powerful "Did You Know" video originally produced by Karl Fisch with secondary edits created by Scott McLeod.  The embedded video below is hosted on TeacherTube as well as YouTube.  If you are unable to see it due to restrictions, you can view it as […]

  5. Introductions!

    Hello all, my name is Donna, and I am excited about being an author for our new assessment blog here at Discovery Education. I have more that 20 years experience in education as a classroom teacher, state projects, and superintendent. As a former high school teacher, the “aha moment” when the light came on in […]

  6. Blogging Team

    Heather and I will be working with the DEN Blogs for Virginia. We will always be looking for new ideas and suggestions for guest bloggers. I am very excited about the communication that these blogs will make possible for those of us in Virginia!Kevin

  7. Podcasts and Blogs

    Many of you are familiar with David Warlick and the many insightful blog posts and podcasts that he has published on his web sites. He continues to be one of the most significant voices in the online educational technology community, and if you have not visited his site to consider his “Two Cents Worth,” on […]