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  1. The First Digital President

    Yesterday the world watched as our nation’s 44th President was sworn into duty! On his way to the office, President Obama utilized a huge a variety of 21st century tools – including things like Twitter, blogs, Facebook, texting, and more – to mobilize his base and get his message out. During his campaign he stated, […]

  2. A facebook Infused CNN

    Just like some aging celebrities, CNN got a botox like injection of youth from the ever growing facebook yesterday.  ”This is CNN”.     Isn’t the same without hearing James Earl Jones’ booming voice resonating the real message, “This is THE NEWS.”  For many, including me, CNN has been just that, THE NEWS.  It’s the channel to […]

  3. Make a Splash with SplashCast!

    Add Mike_Bryant’s channel to your page The above embed comes from SplashCast.  I’ve played around with this service for about a month now, unable to decide if it’s any better than some other tools out there.  On one hand, SplashCast allows you to throw a lot of different file types into a single presentation.  This […]

  4. Time — Warped!

    Video, as we all know, offers instant access to student attention.  Video takes you across time, across boundaries, include microscopic and macroscopic boundaries.  But video can also slow time and bend it to reveal physical phenomenon laying under day to day experiences.  To see what I mean, visit the website for Discovery’s program Time Warp.  […]

  5. The Year in E-View

    Year in E-View. For the first post of the new year, I thought I would share some favorite posts from the DEN blogosphere from 2008.  I took some informal polls,  did some serious review and, wow:  Note : Trolling great, old posts is a dangerous thing.  The DEN home site is like the Brothers Grimm […]

  6. Friends, Romans, and GoogleEarth heads

    Take a Roman holiday–a Roman Empire holiday!  I got an email from Googler AnnaBishop.  She processes the Google Earth Pro requests from educators and wants them to keep on coming!  So take advantage of that special offer by emailing GEEC@google.com (educators only!  Everybody else pays the $400). She also let me know about the new […]

  7. Got games?

    Ok so the GEEKYBIRD was searching the net the other day in search of interactive, neat, easy, and free templates that you could use in your classroom. Here is a five of the coolest ones that he found: EclipseCrossword.com With over 2,000,000 downloads it goes without saying…this tool is pretty cool. EclipseCrossword is a fast, […]

  8. The Amazing 3×5 Notecard X-Ray Machine (Free!)

    This is a fun one.  It is the “ChromaKeyYou’veGottaHaveHeart” effect, but think of it as an X-Ray machine.  It turns a 3×5 notebook card into an “X-Ray” machine that sees inside the human body– with a few video tricks.  Remember the X-Ray Glasses ad from kids’ magazines? It’s that!  For this, you need: A) Videos […]

  9. The Exploding Mind

    An exploding mind can be a good thing.  I was asked to work with the faculty at the School of Education at Johns Hopkins on the topic of educational technology.  This was an important group by itself– and representative of an extremely important segment in education:  the teacher preparation programs across the country.  They monitor, […]

  10. StreamAthon Video Reposted – Quick Note

    The YouTube video of “Dino Dude’s ‘The People Whisper’” is now reposted in the entry below.  I had initially posted it with a limit of 25 views, which was a blunder.  It is now up for everyone.  And, no, I didn’t break YouTube.  :).  When it’s ready, I’ll also post the PowerPoint and step bystep […]

  11. Live from the StreamAthon!

    This is the video we built.  The one that no one could see in the fabulous StreamAthon.  I realize it went fast.  Here are the tools and sites I used for “Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Video (and Two You Did).”  With one exception, all the tools and sites are free. […]

  12. More cameras –But first this message from Finland

    There’s more to share about using camcorders–and their great lens–for web cams.  I’ve used the camcorder in the post below with Skype, iChat, and other apps, and will try a dead digital still camera next.  But first! This message from Finland, via Steve Dembo’s Nokia cellphone.   Not a bad “web cam” all by itself.   The […]

  13. Got Too Many Profiles? AtomKeep will help

     There’s plenty of sites that will allow you to update dozens of your social sites at once (Ping.fm,  hellotext.com,  upcoming.me) which is handy to broadcast your messages all over the social web.  However, what’s more difficult is maintaining each of those different sites and ensuring that your information is accurate!  How many profiles do you […]

  14. Edmodo: Twitter DESIGNED for the classroom

    Without a doubt, Twitter has taken the education community by storm.  However, there really aren’t all that many people who are using it in the classroom.  Let’s face it, it just isn’t designed to be used in a teacher/student environment. Edmodo is. Jeffrey O’Hara is the network administrator/webmaster for Community Unit School District 200 in Wheaton, Illinois.  I […]

  15. Best Teaching Videos? I Don’t Think So!

    The ironically titled site SmartTeaching.org” blogged a list claiming “100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers.“   Say it ain’t so.  While there are some old favorites and familiar gems in the 100, there are also some terrible choices, videos that don’t serve teachers at all.  Worse, old middle school teacher that I am, I am hard […]

  16. Animoto for Education – Free is good!

    We’ve partnered with Animoto in the past, culminating in them giving free access to every DEN teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week.  But now they’ve just gone over the top.  We’re pleased to announce a new service exclusively for teachers. Animoto for Education (http://education.animoto.com) gives teachers, grades K-12, unlimited access to the full range of Animoto’s […]