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  1. Young Scientist Challenge Webinar PowerPoints

    Forgive the quick post, but we are getting lots of requests for the PowerPoints used in the webinars for the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge. They are posted below. Students and DEN teachers each have their own category so each have their own PowerPoint. Student Challenge PowerPoint Teacher Challenge PowerPoint We have recorded the webinars and […]

  2. Twitterate yourself with STARs

    Heard about Twitter but don’t know where to start? Already using Twitter but you’d like to expand your network? Want to find a way to stay connected with other STAR Discovery Educators in between events and conferences? Have I got a solution for you! This all started with Lee Kolbert. She decided to create a […]

  3. G’bye Dubai, Dunes, & Didactic

    Interesting thing about Dubai. In education, we share the visionary talk about conceiving things and then making them happen. In Dubai, there is the physical manifestation of that. They are going bricks and mortar big time. A town (right) that in 1990 was a figment of a royal imagination has become real in less than […]

  4. Woke up Smelling of Camel

    Still in Dubai.  Some members of our ISTE group got bumped off their critically oversold flight last night.  We’ll see what happens to me late tonight… Woke up smelling of camel, since we took an offroad adventure out into the desert last night.  The desert is deeply beautiful and the sand has so much more […]

  5. Blogging from Dubai

    Here in Dubai for the GETEX conference, the Gulf Education and Training Exhibition, held in partnership with ISTE. Interesting kind of place. We have been meeting with ministers and educational agencies. It is the most top-down education space I have seen since working in Los Angeles Unified. Nothing specifically about media for this post except […]

  6. Adobe Photoshop Express vs. Picnik

    After months of waiting, Adobe has finally entered into the online photo editing arena with Adobe Photoshop Express. I’ve been waiting rather impatiently for this one, since I Adobe has always been the image editing king. I obviously had rather high hopes for it. That being said, I’ve been pretty darn impressed with Picnik.com, and […]

  7. Drop it off with Drop.Io

    There are a ton of ways to send files. There are plenty of other ways to stash files so that people can grab them. However, I don’t think there’s any other site out there that is quite as accessible as Drop.io When you register for an account with Drop.io, you get a website where you […]

  8. Webinar Files Posted: Gigapxls Galore

    Missed the webinar on March 11? I updated the Powerpoint from the Webinar and it’s posted below. It explains in more detail the topics we covered. The pdf file is probably the most useful. PowerPoints tend to gum up when they include video, but it’s there, too. The previous post (below) has videos that demonstrate […]

  9. Webinar, Hulu, Gizmoz and Google Earth

    Tonight (Tuesday, March 11, 2008) I’m throwing a free webinar, sort of an EdTech 1.5 where I’ll update iPod, Google Earth, and Digital Editing on Windows stuff. Hit DiscoveryEd.webex.com, go to Event Center. Come on aboard, 4 Pacific. Time, 6 Central, 7 Eastern. Tomorrow, Hulu launches. This video site has 250 television series online–for free. […]

  10. Big Story–Little Package

    The DEN has grown–by five months! Jannita Demian, with an assist from her husband Laurian, is preggers! Five months old, the demi-Demian will be a native Californian. This is a first for the Demian clan. They are looking for a name. The winner will get a DEN hat from Hall Davidson (who is pulling for […]

  11. When I’m right, I write—but…

    Joe Brennan wrote me that Wal-Mart must be reading my blog. They pulled the losing format hi-def DVD players (HD DVD from Toshiba) off their shelves. I did predict the triumph of Blu-Ray when Warner Brothers jumped ship and left HD DVD for Blu. That being said, now is a great time to bottom-feed for […]

  12. Visible Body: Anatomy 2.0

    Every once in a while you see a site and think to yourself, “THIS is what computers are all about.” Visible Body is one of those sites. When you load it up, it presents you with the human skeleton, every bone modeled in 3D with incredible attention to detail. You can zoom in on any […]

  13. Visualize the Earth: Green Layers

    Videos are worth a thousand pictures–or least 24 pictures per second. When making points about global warming or other phenomenon on a global scale, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have visuals to make your point. In fact, wouldn’t it be great if you could build a story with those visuals to compare, contrast, and otherwise […]

  14. Blab away with Blabberize!

    Sometimes its the simplest sites that turn into your favorites. Certainly is that way with Blabberize. If you’ve ever seen Conan O’Brien, then you’re familiar with the idea. Take an image of a famous person, make their mouth move like a ventriloquist dummy, and then add your own soundtrack. Hilarity ensues. I know, I’m a […]

  15. Hi-Def DVD Format War–Over!

    The format wars fought over high definition DVD’s reminded many folks of the VHS-Beta videotape format wars decades ago. Many buyers sat out the war, not wanting to buy a format that would soon be obsolete. Stop the presses–you can start buying now. Blu-Ray has won. HD DVD was the competition. Content, of course, is […]