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  1. Keyboarding with Keybr.com

    Via Riptide Furse. Know what I love? When I find a nice simple Web2.0 application that fills a direct classroom need, and could even replace software that my district spends its limited dollars on. Know what I mean? Take Keybr.com for example. When you go to the site, it displays a keyboard with the words […]

  2. KLCS Rocks With Discovery

    Discovery and the teachers of the Los Angeles School District connected with each other Saturday, Dec. 8, for a great Discovery Educator Network event at KLCS-TV in downtown Los Angeles. Great presenters were onhand, like Los Angeles Unified teacher Brad Upshaw, pictured with his critical questions poster he used in his videomaking session. Check out […]

  3. VozMe: Sometimes you want to be read to

    This isn’t the most complicated Web2.0 tool, nor is it the shiniest, but it does exactly what it claims to do in a nice straightforward fashion. Submit some text into vozMe and it’ll convert it to an MP3 so you can hear it read aloud.  Couldn’t be easier.  Gravitate to Spanish or Italian?  It’s supporting […]

  4. “I Touch the Future, I Teach”

    “I Touch the Future, I Teach” was the wise and memorable quote from Christa McAuliffe. At the technology conference named for her in New Hampshire, I heard wonderful stories about her mother, Grace, the archetypal New England lady. Twenty years ago I was working in the library media branch of the Los Angeles Unified School […]

  5. Post Webinar Stuff

    This is a quick post with the PowerPoint and other goodies from the webinar of November 20. Thanks to everybody that helped out, especially Joe Brennan, Scott Kinney, and Teryl. Here’s the Word doc with the video copy-and-pastes, the Gcast site, and the “Why is Winter colder than Summer” site. webinar.doc

  6. Files for GaETC

    Things we did at GaETC! We worked with the great resources from GPB (home to the equally great Patrice, Mike, and Katherine). We made media on the dark side with Photo Story, Movie Maker, and Adobe Premiere Elements and incorporated GPB’s huge educational digital library. We also pulled clips and projects into iPods. And did […]

  7. Google Earth Streamathon Mega Post

    The DEN did a Streamathon yesterday. Hundreds of folks took part, some with their staffs or classes watching through a projector. I referred to some both basic and ‘advanced’ Google Earth tips, techniques, and classroom strategies. These have been littered across this blogsite for more than a year. Here’s the aggregate! It has somethings old, […]

  8. Two New Spins in Google Earth

    For media folks like me, the cool, interactive graphical program that is Google Earth has always had a Holy Grail–inserting moving media so it plays right over the terrain, as still images will do. We’ve gotten a lot closer with two new features, one with mixed blessings. First, Google Earth now has a YouTube layer. […]

  9. When I’m right, I’m right—but…

    Joe Brennan told me Wal-Mart must have read my blog when they pulled the losing format high definition DVD player (HD DVD) off the shelves.  I did predict the eminent demise of the format after Warner Brothers jumped ship to support Blu-Ray.   It happened faster than anybody thought.  However, now is the time for great […]

  10. What’s a drupal?

    I haven’t posted here for a little while, and the main reason is that I’ve been swamped with getting the new DEN website ready to roll.  I love the new website, and love it even more so because I’ll be able to add new features to it on a regular basis.  However, know what I […]

  11. They aren’t all gems

    We live in a very interesting time.  We have more access to free software than we ever have before.  A new Web2.0 tool is released every 3.7 minutes (Source: Made it up), which is wonderful for prosumers in general, but not every release is a winner. Typically I only share with you the sites that […]

  12. DEN Skype Chat tonight!

    Yikes!  In all the excitement of the National Institute in Silver Spring, and NECC approaching quickly, I almost completely forgot about the first DEN SkypeCast tonight!  At 8:00PM CST, I will be opening up a SkypeCast for DEN members to chat.  Since this is the first one, a primary topic will be what sorts of […]

  13. Enough about my fav’s, what are yours?

    Tomorrow I’ll be joining the folks out in Silver Spring to share with them Second Life and some of my favorite ways to integrate Web 2.0 into unitedstreaming. Among the sites/widgets I intend to share are: Swivel YouTube SlideShare MindMeister Google Maps Any favorites to add to the list? In particular, I’m looking for tasty […]

  14. SpaceTime 3D: Your 3D web browser

    Here’s another one you really gotta see for yourself.  SpaceTime 3D is web browser that gives you a 3D representation of the internet to surf through.  It’s sort of like some of the application switching in OSX and Vista, but even cooler.  At its most basic level, you can get 3D representations of all your […]

  15. Quotations Book: In the immortal words of…. someone

    Did you know that you needed a Web 2.0 source for quotes?  Of course you didn’t.  But now you have one!  Quotation Books is a website that lets you search for quotes by keyword or by category.  Type in your subject and inspiring, humorous, and stirring quotes will pop up in your browser window.  If […]

  16. Do you Woot?

    This site has nothing to do with education.  Instead, it’s all about saving money and getting techie geeky things for really cheap prices.  In other words, if you enjoy reading this blog, then you just may become hooked on Woot! Woot is a website that has a different deal every day.  One day it might […]

  17. Kartoo: Map out your search results

    I have to admit, I’m not exactly sure how to describe Kartoo.  It’s essentially a search engine that maps out the results graphically and shows the connections between them.  Does that mean you’ll get better results?  Well, not necessarily, but you’ll understand how they relate to each other.  Whenever possible, Kartoo also inserts keywords in […]