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  1. SXSiPad Day in Austin, Texas!

    Right up front, I’ll say that it is not an official SXSW event, but this SXSiPad will be a fun day of Discovering about using iPads in the classroom!  We are going to have multiple venues, er, sessions about using iPads as instructional tools, managing Apps on the iPad, setting up iPads for classroom use, […]

  2. Save the Date March 25th

    Digital Age of Aquarius Join DEN and ISTE for a 60’s style sit-in courtesy of Kevinski Braveheart (Kevin Honeycutt in RL) explore the difference between a focus on firewalls versus teaching kids positive digital behaviors. With a combination of music and fun, we’ll seek to enlighten, not frighten about the issues of online safety. *Costumes […]

  3. It's a Wrap – Quest Atlantis

    On Wednesday, February 10, we had the pleasure of having Sholi Oh (Sarah Rolle, Director of Technology, The Elisabeth Morrow School – RL) present on Quest Atlantis. Looking for an alternative to Second Life that you can safely use with students?  Look no further!  Quest Atlantis is the location for you. Sholi did a FABULOUS […]

  4. Save the Date! February 10th

    This is going to be AWESOME!!!  Come into a virtual world to learn about a virtual world!  If you’re like me, you’ve heard about Quest Atlantis, but have not had an opportunity to explore it further (at least that’s my excuse!).  I am very excited to have Sholi Oh share her experiences about a free […]

  5. Gentle Reminder: Recruitment and Retention of Girls in STEM

    This week’s Wednesday Workshop will focus on Gender Equity: Recruitment and Retention of Girls in STEM and will be presented by Celestia Cazalet (Elaine Plybon RL).  Enrollment of girls in higher level science, technology, engineering, and math programs is traditionally much lower than that of boys. Is there something we, as teachers, can do to turn […]

  6. It's a Wrap

    I logged in at 7:47 p.m. (EST) and the next time I looked at my clock it was already 9 p.m. (EST)!!!  The time just flew as Knowclue Kidd shared her experiences in using machinima with her students.  The clips she shared were those in which her students played a central role. For those of […]

  7. Join Us Tomorrow!

    Yup, it’s Wednesday Workshop time at the DEN in SL. This week we are thrilled to have Knowclue Kidd (Marianne Malmstrom – RL) presenting, “Machinima and 21st Century Literacy”. Knowclue will share her experiences, thoughts and rationale about why we should be considering machinima as a serious tool for delivering 21st century skills & literacies. […]

  8. Save the Date – October 7th

    Ooooooooh, this is exciting!  We’re taking a ‘field trip’ (hmmmmm….wonder if that’s what one calls it in Second Life?).  This Wednesday we will be visiting Shamblesguru Voom as he presents on ‘Networking, Data Mining, Surival Skill…and Other Ramblings’ (Subtitled:  ‘Personal Learning Networks and Second Life’).  Actually, let me rephrase that — according to Shamblesguru, this […]

  9. Save the Date – September 30th

    Join us this Wednesday as Smellslike Magic (Mike Bryant – RL) presents ‘Power to the Students:  Student Access for Discovery Education Streaming’.   Join us to learn all about Student Access to Discovery Education’s services.  We’ll dive into the Classroom Manager and Student; showcasing the many ways you can easily assign Discovery resources to your students. […]

  10. Save the Date – September 30th

    Join us on Wednesday, September 30th as Smellslike Magic (aka Mike Bryant – RL) presents, ‘Power to the Students: Student Access for Discovery Education Streaming’. Join us to learn all about Student Access to Discovery Education’s services. We’ll dive into the Classroom Manager and Student; showcasing the many ways you can easily assign Discovery resources […]

  11. It's a Wrap – Creative Online Projects for PreK – 6th Classrooms

          Macsmom Alcott (Jennifer Wagner – RL) of www.jenuinetech.com presented on creative online projects for the PreK-6th classroom.        Why does Macsmom do projects (and why should you consider doing online projects)? 1.    Creativity – projects breath new life into lessons 2.    Collaboration – let’s face it, we all work better when we work […]

  12. Save the Date – September 16th

    The DEN in SL is thrilled to have Macsmom Alcott (Jen Wagner – RL) shareing her ‘Online Projects for PreK-6′. Jenuinetech.com‘s 2009/2010 year of projects have just begun.  Come and hear about three current projects!!  All projects come with worksheets, expansion ideas, standards, and the opportunity to collaborate with classrooms all over the USA and […]

  13. Save the Date – September 2nd

    Join us this Wednesday for “Chatting it Up with EdTechTalk.”  Presenters include: Leesa Biedermann (Lisa Parisi) Edith Halderman (Lisa Durff) and Hoser Rhode (Jose Rodriguez) EdTechTalk is the premiere online site for free live shows by educators for educators. This home-grown webcasting site has weekly shows dealing with a variety of educational issues.  Come learn […]

  14. Blended virtual ecosystems

    Wednesday marked a banner day for the DEN in SL with the Wednesday Workshop topic: A Blended Virtual Ecosystem: North Carolina Virtual Public School’s Great Discovery in Second Life. The presentation was fantastic, with Dr. Brian Setser (Innovator Quan – SL), of the North Carolina Virtual Public School guiding the audience through the journey the […]

  15. You won't want to miss this!

    Coming up on Wednesday, July 29, the DEN in SL will have special guest speakers, Dr. Bryan Setser, Chief Executive Officer of the North Carolina Virtual Public School, and Jennifer Nobles, who is the Modular Learning Specialist and Virtual Worlds Coordinator for the school. They will be presenting a workshop entitled: A Blended Virtual Ecosytem: […]