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  1. Save the Date! April 1st

    Though we ain’t foolin’ — Riptide Furse will be presenting, ‘Newbie 201 Shopping in Second Life’.  We’ll briefly cover the ins and outs of shopping in Second Life.  What’s the difference between shape and skin? Know that a fat pack is something to find not lose. How to open the boxes or shopping bags and get […]

  2. Gentle Reminder – March 18th

    Please consider joining us this Wednesday, March 18th, as Celestia Cazalet hosts a Workshop on ‘Virtual Instruction: The Real Deal?’ Celestia will reflect on her experiences as a first-year virtual instructor.  Comparisons between face-to-face classroom interactions and virtual classroom interactions will be explored.  Much of this session will be facilitated dialogue.  Anyone who is interested in […]

  3. Gentle Reminder – March 11th

    Please consider joining us this Wednesday, March 11th for a Workshop on ‘Introducing the New VSTE Island’ hosted by the following panel:  Alfredo Bedrodian (SL) Al Doss (RL); Jazmemo Zimminy (SL) Lisa Alconcel (RL); Mandie Mimulus (SL)  Marie Booz (RL); Thunder Insippo (SL) Kim Harrison (RL). Four Virgnia Beach teachers will share the new Virginia Society […]

  4. Gentle Reminder – March 4th

    Join us this Wednesday for another Newbie Workshop, this one focusing on ‘Finding Educational Events’.  If you were at ICE are at the GCT Reload in NYC you’ll want to head in for this one.  Beth Kohnke will be facilitating this workshop and will be looking for participants to add to the content.  This is […]

  5. Gentle Reminder – February 25th

    Please join us on Wednesday, February 25th as Geekybird Fanbridge (RL – Matt Monjan) presents on ‘Digital Storytelling in a Web 2.0 World’.  During this session we’ll learn the elements to crafting a good story and examine free movie editing software that you can use to integrate images, narration, and sound to build authentic stories.  […]

  6. Gentle Reminder – February 15th

    If you weren’t able to get inworld on Wednesday, here’s you chance to catch a repeat of Riptide’s FABULOUS workshop, ‘The Crowd Goes Wild – The Basics of Gestures’.  Gestures are a way to add emotion and more presence with your avatar in Second Life. We’ll look at not only using gestures but also how you […]

  7. Gentle Reminder – February 11th

    Gestures are a way to add emotion and more presence with your avatar in Second Life.  Stop on by and join us for ‘The Crowd Goes Wild – The Basics of Gestures’ with our very own Riptide Furse.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to take a workshop with Riptide, what are you waiting […]

  8. Save the Date! – February 4th

    Wanting to join the DENinSL12/2009 Flickr group (a take off on the 365 groups) but not sure you have photographic know-how?  Well have we got just the workshop for you!  We have a well-known SL photographer among the LC – Riptide Furse.  Betcha didn’t know that did ya?  He would never admit it himself, but […]

  9. It's a Wrap – Visual Literacy

    It’s odd to do a ‘wrap up’ of your own presentation, but here it goes. One of my new passions is ‘Visual Literacy’ so I offered to do an overview workshop on the topic. I had so much to cover and so little time — as it was I went into ‘overtime’ (thanks to those […]

  10. Gentle Reminder – January 14th

    Did you know?  Research has shown that one retains about 20% of new information that is transmitted in an auditory manner, but one retains between 50-70% if that new information is transmitted via both visual and auditory channels.  Combine that with the fact that unless new information is reviewed in some way, shape, or form […]

  11. Update: Workshops for January 21st and 28th

    The ‘under wraps’ has now been unveiled! On January 21st Smellslike Magic (our RL Mike Bryant) will be presenting ‘Checking Your Digital Pulse’.  The first few days of a workout can be the hardest.  Many quit, because they’ve set unrealistic or poorly timed goals.  It’s much easier to reach a goal when you have support.  Join […]

  12. It's a Wrap – Google School

    Tonight was a first at the DEN in SL. We FINALLY got JessieMarie Flanagan (Anne Truger in RL) to present at a Wednesday Workshop. Tonight’s topic was ‘Google School’. And an appropriate topic it was for JessieMarie who is a recent graduate of the Google Teacher Academy. JM shared her top 10 favorite Google Tools: […]

  13. It's a Wrap – November 5th

    HOT OFF THE PRESS!  Just got out of Second Life to post this. What’s a collaborative tool?  OneNote!!! What’s an organizing tool?  OneNote!!! What’s a screen capturing tool?  OneNote!!! What’s an audio capturing tool?  OneNote!!! What’s a video capturing tool?  OneNote!!! What’s a drawing tool?  OneNote!!! What’s a web clipping tool?  One Note!!! …and I’m […]