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#denchat {By: Bradley Reece}

Had a great time reading tweets during tonight’s #denchat. I really have a desire o really try some new teaching techniques next yea as well as exploring new ways to tech children and grey them thinking out often testing box.

Getting updated {By: Bradley Reece}

So I’ve been interested in adding some more tech in my classroom. I teach 2nd grade so I always second guess how much they can handle.  I attended the spring virtucon and loved the idea of  digital story telling. Well, I trained one kid and wow you should see what she has done this week with the iPad!  I am truly amazed at how we teachers sometimes underestimate our kids.

Promethean Board {By: Bradley Reece}

Well just got a brand new promethean board for my classroom.  Thanks to the new stimulus funds provided by the United States Government!   I must say this thing is amazing.  I spent hours this past weekend trying to figure out how to use it.  It has so many things that it will do.  I may spend a lifetime trying to make it all work.  My students were mesmerized today as I taught reading, math, science, and any other subject I could think of on the board.  I believe it is the most my students have paid attention to me all year. 

Tech or Treat 2009 {By: Bradley Reece}

So gave up and entire Saturday to attend the Tech or Treat 2009 Webinar at a local school.   Wow, was I impressed and learned so much there.  I have so many websites to go through and so many things I want to prepare.  I loved the information on Podcasting the most.  I think this tool could be greatly used to reach kids in this technology driven world.  I also loved learning about blabberize and could see great uses for this program as well.  I hope to look deeper into Glogster and see if I can figure out a use for that in my classroom.  I teach 2nd grade so some of the programs I really have to look at for my grade level.